Xander Arizala Admits Biggest Regret is Being Xander Ford

Xander Arizala Admitted Biggest Regret was Being Xander Ford Social media personality Marlou Xander Arizala admitted that his biggest regret was being the well-known Xander Ford. Xander Arizala recently said that if there is one thing he regrets in life, it is becoming “Xander Ford,” If given the chance, this is one of the things … Read more

Xander Ford Shares Realizations As “Batang Ama”

Xander Ford

This is what Xander Ford realized when he finally became a father. XANDER FORD – Social media star Xander Ford regrets past misdeeds and shares realizations now that he is a parent. Last December 2022, Marlou Arizala a.k.a Xander Ford welcomed his first child with his girlfriend Gena Magno. They welcomed a baby boy named … Read more

Xander Ford Asks Donation from Donnalyn for His In-laws’ Operation

Xander Ford Asks Donation for the Operation of His In-laws from Donnalyn Social media personality Xander Ford asked for donation from vlogger-influencer Donnalyn Bartolome for the operation of his in-laws. Donnalyn recently criticized Xian Gaza for writing on Facebook that every woman at a VIP table at a pricey club has a sugar daddy. On … Read more

Xander Ford is Going to Be a Father

Xander Ford

Marlou Arizala aka Xander Ford and Girlfriend are Now Expecting Baby XANDER FORD- The internet celebrity announced that he is expecting his first child together with his girlfriend. He shared pictures of himself and his fiancée on Facebook with the message “SOON TO BE DADDY AND MOMMY.” Marlou also shared images of an ultrasound and … Read more

Xian Gaza Gives New Job to Xander Ford

Xian Gaza

Xian Gaza Offers New Job to Xander Ford Looking for Source of Income The Pinoy social media influencer Xian Gaza gives a new job to the internet celebrity Xander Ford who is looking for a source of income. Previously, the internet celebrity Xander Ford or formerly known as Marlou Arizala asked help from Christian Albert … Read more

Xander Ford Apologizes to Ex-Girlfriend, Denies Allegation Against Him

Xander Ford Apologizes to Ex-Girlfriend After Being Arrested Social media personality Marlou Arizala or Xander Ford apologizes to his ex-girlfriend who filed a complaint against him for his arrest. The social media influencer Marlou Arizala or popularly known as Xander Ford has been arrested by the authorities after his ex-girlfriend filed physical abuse charges against … Read more