Xander Ford Shares Thoughts on Christmas & Gifts: “Hindi siguro para sa amin yung Pasko”

Xander Ford

Internet Sensation Xander Ford on Christmas & Gifts: “Dina kami Namasko sa mga Ninong/Ninang“ XANDER FORD – The internet sensation made buzz online after sharing his thoughts on Christmas and gifts “Hindi siguro para sa amin yung Pasko”. Marlou Arizala known as Xander Ford recently opened up about his feelings regarding Christmas gifts or “aginaldo.” … Read more

Xander Arizala Disappointed By Makagwapo’s Response

Xander Arizala, Makagwapo

Here’s Xander Arizala’s Disappointed Reaction To Makagwapo’s Response XANDER ARIZALA – Social media personality Xander Arizada is disappointed by Makagwapo’s response. Social media personality Marlou Arizala a.k.a. Xander Ford expressed his disappointment online. He was initially cryptic about the persons he expected to come to his son’s baptism but did not come. Christian Merck Grey, … Read more

Xander Ford Promotes ‘Gambling’ to Followers Amid Controversy

Xander Ford

Social Media Infuencer Xander Ford Receives Backlash Online for Promoting ‘Gambling’ to Followers Amid Controversy Influencer Xander Ford Arizala recently faced backlash from netizens after a Facebook post where he encouraged people to “gamble” for a chance to win money. This came as Arizala made another public appeal to Christian Merck Grey, also known as … Read more

PHOTO: Xander Arizala Gives Glimpse Into His Simple Birthday Celebration

Xander Arizala 3

Here’s Photo of Xander Arizala’s Simple Birthday Celebration XANDER ARIZALA – Social media personality Xander Arizala gave a glimpse into his simple birthday celebration. Actor, performer, and social media star Xander Ford was once known as Marlou Arizala. Years ago, when his plastic surgeries were featured on the ABS-CBN program “Rated K,” he became the … Read more

Xander Arizala Airs Frustration About Not Getting Birthday Greetings

Xander Arizala 1

Xander Arizala Posts About Not Receiving Birthday Greetings XANDER ARIZALA – Social media personality Xander Arizala said nobody remembered his birthday nor greeted him on his special day. Marlou Arizala, a former member of Hasht5, gained fame following an operation and surgery to enhance his looks. Then he adopted the name, Xander Ford. Pinoys was … Read more

Xander Ford Reveals Guest Absent at Baby’s Baptism Get Mad

Xander Ford Reveals Guest Who Don’t Show Up at Baby’s Baptism Got Angry Social media personality Xander Ford revealed that the guest who failed to show up at his baby’s baptism got angry at him. Marlou Arizala alias “Xander Ford,” a social media figure and former Hasht5 member, said recently that a person volunteered to … Read more

Xander Ford Airs Dismay to People He Expected to Come to Baby’s Baptism

Xander Ford Vents Frustration to Invited People Who Did Not Come to Baby’s Baptism Social media personality Xander Ford vents frustration online against people he expected to come to his baby’s baptism. Following his baby’s baptism, social media personality and former Hasht5 member Marlou Arizala alias “Xander Ford” expressed his disappointment online. Xander revealed that … Read more

Xander Arizala Admits Biggest Regret is Being Xander Ford

Xander Arizala Admitted Biggest Regret was Being Xander Ford Social media personality Marlou Xander Arizala admitted that his biggest regret was being the well-known Xander Ford. Xander Arizala recently said that if there is one thing he regrets in life, it is becoming “Xander Ford,” If given the chance, this is one of the things … Read more

Xander Ford Shares Realizations As “Batang Ama”

Xander Ford

This is what Xander Ford realized when he finally became a father. XANDER FORD – Social media star Xander Ford regrets past misdeeds and shares realizations now that he is a parent. Last December 2022, Marlou Arizala a.k.a Xander Ford welcomed his first child with his girlfriend Gena Magno. They welcomed a baby boy named … Read more