Xander Ford’s Focus After Coming Out: “Career muna… kasi yung love life marami pa yun”

Xander Ford shares his plans after coming out with a new name and a new face after surgery.

XANDER FORD – Formerly Marlou Arizala and now Xander Ford reveals his plans after coming out to the public with a new face and a new identity.

xander ford
Photo lifted from Instagram/ Xander Ford

Marlou Arizala’s life before, prior to the operation, is just a simple boy living a simple life.

Accordingly, even to a previous report, he is a member of the “Have A Succesful Honor and Talent” or popularly known as Hasht5, a boyband parody which became viral and popular.

He is a member of a choir, a cigarette vendor, and “he is non-apologetic about wanting to improve his physical appearance.”

For over the past few weeks, Marlou or now known as Xander Ford, has been a sensation because of his announcement to undergo surgery to enhance his physical appearance.

Dr. Samuel Eric C. Yapjuangco, a plastic surgeon of the Icon Clinic is the one who performed the procedures.

And lately, it was on Rated K when Marlou or Xander’s new face was first introduced at.

In a follow-up report, Xander with his new face expressed gratefulness to those people who believed and supported him.

A video of his introduction was also attached. Take a look at it below:

And after his coming out, Xander Ford shared his plans based on an interview of the ABS-CBN as it was posted on their Twitter account.

His focus as of now is his career and though he might have once a special someone, he will set aside his love life for the meantime for his dream to be an actor.

“Gusto ko po munang i-achieve yung pangarap ko kasi yung love life marami pa yun,” he said.

Watch his full interview below:

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