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Kind Driver Named Ganns Deen Gives Free Ride To A Couple Rejected By Taxis

A kind driver identified as Ganns Deen gives a free ride to the passengers who were waiting 30 minutes for a ride after rejected by taxis.

Recently, the Land Transportation and Franchising Board (LTFRB) has suspended Uber for a month. Uber clients will be temporarily referred to Grab, unfortunately, it does not an enough capacity to handle all the passengers.

The commuters will be forced to go for regular taxis due to the suspension of Uber. However, there are some abusive taxi drivers who were selecting their passengers and even charging extra fees for an unjustified reason.

Kind Driver

Recently, a Facebook user named Ganns Deen who was identified as a radio Disc Jockey for 106.7 Saved FM shows another act of kindness through giving a free ride towards a couple who were rejected by regular taxis.

Deen narrated that he saw the couple who were already waiting for about 30 minutes for a ride after they were rejected by 2 regular taxis. So he decided to give the strangers a free ride to reach their destination.

Here is the full story:

“While stuck in traffic, I saw this couple on the road. Literally watched two passenger-less taxis reject them. I asked them where they were headed. When I found out they were literally on my route, I gave them a free ride. They were waiting 30 minutes for a ride, you guys. Take that, #LTFRB!

(And yes, there were jokes and music!).”

Kind Driver

The netizens also expressed their praises and admiration for the kind man who gives a free ride to the couple.

What can you say about this? Just feel free to leave your comments and reactions for this article.

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