Taxi Driver Arrested After Refusing to Use Meter For Passenger

Taxi Driver

Police Authorities Arrest Taxi Driver After Refusing to Use Meter For Passenger A taxi driver was arrested after allegedly refusing to use the meter for a passenger coming from vacation and even chased after the police in Taguig. According to a couple with the aliases “Ed” and “Madz”, the driver charged them P3,500 for the … Read more

Man Suffers Injuries After His Motorcycle Hit Taxi in QC


Drunk Man Suffers Injuries After His Motorcycle Accidentally Hit Taxi in QC A man suffered injuries to his feet after his motorcycle collided with a taxi in Barangay South Triangle, Quezon City on Sunday night at around 10 p.m. According to the taxi driver, he was caught off guard when the motorcycle hit his vehicle. … Read more

Pasaway Citizens Caught on Camera Hanging Behind Taxi’s Trunk

Pasaway Citizens

Video of Pasaway Citizens Hanging Behind Taxi’s Trunk Earns Criticisms Online Three pasaway citizens earned criticisms online after they have been caught hanging behind the rare truck of a taxi. Throughout the decades, road accident has been one of the most common traffic problems not only in the Philippines but also in different countries all around the … Read more

1-year-old Caught on Cam Falling Out from Taxi on Baguio Zigzag road

1-year-old Falls Out from Taxi While Traveling On Baguio Zigzag Road Video footage shows a 1-year-old child falling out from a taxi while traveling on Baguio zigzag road after the door accidentally opened. A one-year-old child was seen on dashcam video tumbling from a moving cab that purportedly opened the door in Baguio City. Melvin … Read more

Taxi Driver w/ Tourette Syndrome Goes Viral For Working Hard Amid Condition

Taxi Driver

Netizens Lauded Taxi Driver w/ Tourette Syndrome For Working Hard Amid Disability A taxi driver with a medical condition called “Tourette Syndrome” goes viral for working hard amid his condition. The Facebook page “Pinoy MD” has shared the photos of a taxi driver with Tourette syndrome who continue to work despite his medical condition. The … Read more