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Nadine Lustre Denies “Throwing Phone” At James Reid, States Otherwise During Interview

Nadine Lustre says otherwise about not throwing phone at James Reid.

NADINE LUSTRE – The young Kapamilya actress says otherwise about issue of not throwing a phone at boyfriend James Reid during an interview.

As per the deleted post of the actress on her Twitter account that said, “@JadinePublicist  Uh. Def NOT gonna throw my phone. What am I? Stups? Aint paying for screen repairs. Its expensive. LOL.”

nadine lustre

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On previous report, the 23-year-old actress denied the allegations of throwing phone at on-screen partner and real life long time boyfriend James Reid after she got angry.

However, basing upon this statement of her on her social media account, she said otherwise and also during an interview as per the upload and share of the YouTube channel Starmometer.

On the interview she said otherwise stating that she did threw a phone at her boyfriend but then James was not hit by it for it landed on the floor for she was really angry and she would not have surely done if it is just over a petty reason.

One of the interviewer asked her if they have talked about the things that made each other angry but she shook head saying that they already know what are those things that made them angry the reason why on her part, she does not do things that would make her partner upset.

“Same as me, like yung mga stuff na alam kong maa-upset siya, malulungkot siya or maiinis siya, hindi ko ginagawa,”she said.

And about the other issues being thrown at them, she just said, “Ngayon po kapag parang may ganun, di na lang po namin pinapansin. Parang ang importante naman po is yung kaming dalawa, hindi naman importante po yung maniwala sila. Kung ayaw po nilang maniwala, okay lang po.”

What can you say about this?

Watch the full video below:

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