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LOOK! Kim Chiu Tags Justin Bieber On Her “Despacito” Dance Number

Kim Chiu tagged Justin Bieber on her dance performance.

KIM CHIU – One of Kapamilya network’s sought after actresses, Kim Chiu, tagged international artist Justin on Instagram as she posted her “Despacito” dance number on ASAP.

kim chiu

Photo lifted from Instagram/ Kim Chiu

On the Instagram account of the Kapamilya actress, a post of her showed her stunning performance during her dance number of “Despacito” on ASAP yesterday, July 16.

Along with the brief video of her performance is a written caption which said, “last hurrah for #bieberfever. thank you @[email protected]_official  #despacito tag narin natin @justinbieber.”

Upon the bravery of Kim Chiu to tag the international sensation, people of the online community could not help but drop their reaction on the comment box below the post.

Most of the comments were praises for the female artist of how she danced with the song so graceful and yet so alluring.

One comment even stated, “Wowww..so [gorgeous].. Pgling k n ng pgling gumiling kim…total performer.”

And another reaction from a user of the app said, “Kabog talaga yung kembot ginalingan naman masyado ay..congrats kimmy.”

However, it was not just all about kisses for there were also some kicks as there were some who criticized what she had done.

A netizen have somewhat called the actress ‘desperate’ for tagging the international herself but supporters were there to back her up saying that Kim has all the right to do whatever she likes reasoning out that this is a country of freedom and that it is her account.

Recalling, based on previous report, during the Instagram live of Bieber, it happened so that he noticed Kim and even said, “Chinita, I will see you in the Philippines.”

And because of the thrilling experience of being noticed by your ultimate idol, just like normal fans, Kim Chiu reposted it on her account in full delight thus, gained different reactions from the people.

Check out her posted “Despacito” performance below:

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