5 Famous Pinoy Celebrities Who Gets Tattoo From Apo Whang-Od

There are 5 famous celebrities who got their skin get inked by the Apo Whang-Od, the last ‘mambabatok’.

APO WHANG-OD – These 5 celebrities were lucky enough to have their skin get inked by the last ‘mambabatok’ of the Philippines.

Just this 15th of May of the recent year, the New York Times published a long article about the famous and the only traditional tattoo artist of the Philippines, Maria Fang-od Oggay, also known as Apo Whang-Od.

According to the feature story entitled “At 100 or So, She Keeps a Philippine Tattoo  Tradition Alive” and written by Aurora Almendral Wang-Od is a tattoo artist  from the tribe of Butbut of the Kalinga ethnic group of the Philippines.

She is one of the legends who belongs to the last generation doing the ritual inking and is also one of the few who still remembers how it was done.

This legend was able to inked the skin of these celebrities through hand tapping using the thorn from a bitter citrus and ink made out of pine soot and water.

Here are the 5 lucky celebrities touched by the timeless art of Whang-Od:


As seen on the Instagram post of the actress with a caption, “Round 2: the beginnings of my new (and hopefully, last) tattoo.. designed by me, drawn by Grace and tapped in by Apo Whang Od, right above my last two tatts from them, the scorpion and hawk. their energies are so open and giving. im just so grateful they agreed to this request. A little old, a little new.



Earlier this year, host of Eat Bulaga Patricia Tumulak also headed to the mountains with her siblings to meet the artist.



Aiza Seguerra already had tattooed by the artist and just this year, her partner Liza Dino also went to Apo to have an ink and it wa posted on the Instagram account of Liza.


And lastly, the host Drew Arellano. He got the ink during his show ‘Biyahe ni Drew”.


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