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Intense ‘Bugbugan’ Between Young Students Goes Viral, DepEd Says “Trip-Trip lang”

Young Students

DepEd Describes Intense ‘Bugbugan’ Between Young Students as “Trip-Trip lang” The video footage of an intense ‘bugbugan’ between young students goes viral online and DepEd described it as “Trip-Trip lang” Nowadays, gang fights have been very common not only in the Philippines but also in different countries all around the world. It usually causes commotion, disturbances and … Read more

Young Students Using Escalator During Graduation March Goes Viral

Young Students

Students Using Escalator During Processional March on Graduation Caught on Camera The video footage of young students using the escalator during the processional march on their graduation goes viral after it was posted online. Over the past few days, graduation rites and ceremonies have been held in different schools all around the world. The school … Read more

Young Students Performing “Holdap Pa, Broken Yan” Role Play Goes Viral

Young Students

“Holdap Pa, Broken Yan” Role Play Performed by Young Students Now Making Rounds Online The young students performing “Holdap Pa, Broken Yan” role play inside their classroom goes viral after it was posted online. Nowadays, both private and public schools are giving different educational activities to the students to enhance their academic skills and knowledge. … Read more