Kind Personnel of Valladolid Police Station Gives Free Rides to Students

Kind Personnel of Valladolid Police Station Offer Free Rides to Young Pupils

A kind personnel of Valladolid Police Station in Negros Occidental gives free rides to young students on their way to school.

The police are public servants hired by the government to enforce the rules and regulation in the country.

The police officers are tasked to protect lives, liberty, and possession as well as preventing crime and civil disorder.

Kind Personnel

Cops should also set as a good example by showing kindness, love, and respect towards other people.

Recently, the Facebook page “Visayan Daily Star” has shared the photo of another police personnel in Valladolid, Negros Occidental giving free rides to young children.

The kind personnel of the police station offers free rides to pupils on their way to Batuan Elementary School in Valladolid.

Kind Personnel

These cops proves that the faith in humanity was restored for showing kindness towards young students who have to walk a couple of miles just to reach school.

The social media users lauded the police for their act of kindness:

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