Intense ‘Bugbugan’ Between Young Students Goes Viral, DepEd Says “Trip-Trip lang”

DepEd Describes Intense ‘Bugbugan’ Between Young Students as “Trip-Trip lang”

The video footage of an intense ‘bugbugan’ between young students goes viral online and DepEd described it as “Trip-Trip lang”

Nowadays, gang fights have been very common not only in the Philippines but also in different countries all around the world. It usually causes commotion, disturbances and inconvenience to the surroundings.

The Philippine government is already taking necessary actions to prevent such incidents but gang riot is still happening behind the knowledge of the authorities. It is already causing fear among citizens.

Young Students

The Facebook page “103.1 Brigada News FM – Palawan” has shared video footage of intense riot between some high school students. The video garnered various reactions from the online community.

In the video, a group of students started an intense rumble outside of the school vicinity in Brooke’s Point, Palawan. Numerous male students punched and attack each other for an unknown reason.

The incident is quite alarming, especially for the parents of the students who entrust their children to the school.

Division Information Officer Ms. Maylyn Dilig said that there is no particular reason why the riot started. She clarified that it was just the ‘trip’ of students “nagkayayaan lang sila magbugbugan”.

Dilig said that Education Department has been investigating the incident. She considered the commotion as “Unnatural” and will ensure to prevent similar incidents inside the school vicinity.

The Division Information Officer said that the school was able to identify the students involved in the video. The school summoned the parents of the involved students.

Watch the video for full details:

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