Janella Salvador Earns Hate Comments Over Her Line in Darna

Critics Lashes Janella Salvador Over Her Controversial Line Darna JANELLA SALVADOR – Darna star earned hate comments from criticis due to her controversial line in the Kapamilya teleserye. Due to his renowned performance as “Valentina” in the Darna TV series, Janella Salvador has been a hot topic online. Since Regina Vanguardia is Valentina’s alter ego, … Read more

Jane De Leon Exchanges Funny Tweets W/ Janella Salvador

Jane de Leon, Janella Salvador

Jane De Leons & Janella Salvador Twitter Exchange JANE DE LEON – Darna stars Jane de Leon and Janella Salvador are making rounds online due to their hilarious interaction on Twitter. Jane de Leon is currently playing a superhero role in the new Kapamilya series “Mars Ravelo’s Darna” in which Janella Salvador plays the villain … Read more

Janella Salvador on How She Fell In Love w/ her Regina Character

janella salvador

Janella Salvador was moved by this scene in Darna Kapamilya actress Janella Salvador shared how she fell in love with her character Regina in Mars Ravelo’s Darna: The Series. In the said fantasy-action-drama series, Janella’s character Regina has an alter ego, the villain Valentina, and the one who would fight against the lead actress Jane … Read more

Janella Salvador As Valentina – Actress Speaks About Her Role

Janella Salvador As Valentina

Kapamilya actress Janella Salvador gushes about her Valentina role in Darna series. JANELLA SALVADOR – The Darna TV series has already aired its pilot episode and playing Valentina is Janella Salvador. Kapamilya actress Jane De Leon is the new actress to play Darna, an iconic role that’s been passed to actresses of different generations. And … Read more

Jane De Leon Emotional Over Support For Her Darna Series

Jane De Leon

New Darna Jane De Leon goes emotional because of the overwhelming support she has received. JANE DE LEON – Kapamilya actress Jane De Leon gives his Darna break to her parents and has this message for the support she’s received. Many doubted Kapamilya actress Jane De Leon when she got the iconic Darna role. Being … Read more

Janella Salvador Intriguing Answer When Asked About Markus Paterson

janella salvador markus paterson

Janella Salvador was asked about the status of her relationship with Markus Paterson Kapamilya actress Janella Salvador appeared to be hinting at her breakup with actor Markus Paterson due to her intriguing answer when asked about the status of her heart. Rumors about the breakup involving Janella and Markus have been circulating for quite a … Read more

VIDEO: Darna New Trailer Reveals Janella Salvador’s Scary Villain

Janella Salvador, Valentina

Darna Trailer Teases a Glimpse of Janella Salvador As Valentina DARNA – “Mars Ravelo’s Darna” recently shared a glimpse of the snake-haired form of Valentina, portrayed by Kapamilya star Janella Salvador. Janella Salvador is the daughter of singer-songwriter Juan Miguel Salvador and actress-singer Jenine Desiderio. She’s a well-known actress, singer, and endorser in the Philippines. … Read more

Joshua Garcia and Janella Salvador In One Photo, “Kilig” Netizens React

Joshua Garcia and Janella Salvador

Many netizens get “kilig” over this photo of Joshua Garcia with Janella Salvador. JOSHUA GARCIA – Kapamilya actors Joshua Garcia and Janella Salvador reunite in “Darna” and here’s a “nakakakilig” photo of them. The love team of Joshua Garcia and Janella Salvador, called JoshNella, is the most promising after they did the series “The Killer … Read more