Billy Crawford Asked If He Misses Doing Noontime Show

billy crawford

Billy Crawford hosted noontime shows for many years Singer-dancer Billy Crawford has this answer if he misses doing noontime shows which he has done for several years. Aside from being a singer and a dancer, Billy has also done several hosting stints. One of the longest hosting stints he did was on the Kapamilya noontime … Read more

Tropang LOL Is Negotiating With NET25

tropang lol

Will Tropang LOL find a new home? Brightlight Productions’ noontime show Tropang LOL is negotiating with NET25 after it ended its stint on TV5. After two years, the Kapatid noontime show bid goodbye. It aired its last episode on April 29, 2023. To recall, that episode went viral as host Alex Gonzaga joked about not … Read more

Mikee Morada Smears Icing On Alex Gonzaga’s Face

mikee morada alex gonzaga

Alex Gonzaga’s husband Mikee Morada joined the ‘Tropang LOL’ farewell episode Lipa City councilor Mikee Morada smeared icing on the face of his wife Tropang LOL host Alex Gonzaga. It is known to many that Alex went controversial due to the icing-smearing incident. She was criticized for smearing icing on the face of the waiter … Read more

Tropang Lol Bids Goodbye After More Than 2 Years Of Airing

Tropang LOL

The hosts of Tropang LOL went emotional as the show comes to an end. TROPANG LOL – Late-morning variety show Tropang LOL airs its final episode and netizens online have these reactions. The first episode of Tropang LOL aired on October 19, 2020, and after more than two years since it first premiered, it has gone off. … Read more

Alex Gonzaga: Is This Tropang LOL Host’s ‘Patutsada’ Against It’s Showtime?

alex gonzaga

Alex Gonzaga caught the attention of ‘It’s Showtime’ fans Tropang LOL host Alex Gonzaga appeared to have this “patutsada” against Kapamilya noontime show It’s Showtime. Alex’s show is airing on TV5 and through a partnership, the Kapamilya noontime show is airing after Tropang LOL. When the collaboration happened, some issues surfaced. The Kapatid noontime show … Read more