Toyota Philippines New President Becomes a Filipino Commuter for a Day

Toyota PH’s New President Shares Experience of Being a Filipino Commuter The new president of the Toyota Philippines shares the first week in the Manila experienced as a Filipino commuter for a day. Recently, the Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) officially welcomed its new president, Atsuhiro Okamoto, earlier this month. Now, barely two weeks since his … Read more

Duterte Cabinet Members Expects Avanza as Service

Goodbye Luxury Cars, Only Avanza Under Duterte Admin President Rody Duterte wants his administration to be known simply as the Cabinet members will practice austerity. The incoming President will get rid of luxury vehicles as he specifies that Cabinet members can only use Toyoto Avanza as service vehicle. Rep. Pantaleon Alvarez reveals to the media … Read more

Apple Tops Forbes’ List of Most Powerful Brands Worldwide for 2014

The world’s leading magazine, Forbes, came out with the latest annual list of the World’s Most Powerful Brands for the year 2014. The Cupertino-based company, Apple, topped this year’s annual list of Most Powerful Brands with a brand value estimated at $124.2 billion. Apple, which is known worldwide as the iconic company who made iPhone, … Read more

Toyota Philippines Recalls 50,000 Vehicles Sold Locally

Toyota Motors

One of the world’s largest vehicle manufacturer Toyota, recalled more than 50,000 Innovas, Fortuners, and Hiluxes that were sold in the Philippines and are covered by Toyota’s global recall. According to Toyota Motor Corporation’s announcement on Wednesday the company would recall 6.39 million vehicles globally. Out of the 6.39 million vehicles, a total of 3.5 … Read more

Toyota’s Production Affected by Shortage in Supplies of Parts

Toyota Corporation announced the decrease in their production

World’s biggest producer of cars, Toyota Corporation, announced the decrease in its production in Japan this March to 63% compare to last year of the same month. The fell down of production was caused by the shortages in supplies of parts, which was affected by the last month’s earthquake and tsunami disaster that stroke the … Read more