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Toddler Prefers Vegetables Over Fried Chicken


Toddler Caught Attention of Netizens as He Prefers Vegetables Over Fried Chicken A toddler’s preference for vegetables over fried chicken goes viral, eliciting a variety of comments from the online community. Mothers have been known to have a common struggle when it comes to getting their children to eat their vegetables. However, one four-year-old boy … Read more

Toddler Orders Food Worth P600 Online Using His Mom’s Phone


Toddler Surprises His Mom After He Orders Food Worth P600 Via Food Panda A naughty toddler has gone viral after ordering food from Food Panda worth over P600 using his mother’s phone. The rise of food delivery apps has made it easier than ever for people to order food from the comfort of their own … Read more

Grandpa Arrested After Harassing 3-year-old “Apo” in Batangas

Grandpa Allegedly Harassing Own 3-year-old Girl “Apo” Arrested in Batangas Police authorities arrested a grandpa for allegedly harassing his own 3-year-old girl “apo” or granddaughter in Batangas. Sto. Police in Tomas, Batangas, apprehended an older man three times for engaging in indecent behavior with his own granddaughter, a three-year-old girl. Detained at Sto. The 42-year-old … Read more

3-year-old Child Harassed by Own Police Father in Laguna

Police Father Arrested After He Harassed Own 3-year-old Child in Laguna Authorities arrested a father who is also a police officer after he allegedly harassed his own child in Laguna. Their “lover” was detained at work in Cabuyao, Laguna for reportedly raping his three-year-old son. According to a GTV “State of the Nation” report on … Read more

Mother “Binubugaw” Own 4-year-old Child to Foreigner Arrested

Mother Arrested for Allegedly “Binubugaw” 4-year-old Child to Foreign National Police authorities arrested a mother for allegedly “binubugaw” her own 4-year-old child to a foreign national in Cebu City. A mother was detained by agents of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) for reportedly selling her own toddler to buyers who were s3xual predators. Yesterday … Read more

Toddler Nearly Kidnapped by Male Suspect Who Pretends as ‘Sundo’

Male Suspect

Cops Arrest Male Suspect Who Pretends as ‘Sundo’ to Kidnap Toddler QUEZON CITY – An innocent toddler has been nearly kidnapped by a male suspect who pretended as ‘sundo’ at school. The CCTV footage shows a male suspect wearing a black jacket, shorts, bonnet, and backpack roaming around the school vicinity. The guy introduced himself … Read more

Baby Girl Hailed as ‘Malditang Moana’ Goes Viral Online

Malditang Moana

Baby Girl Posing as ‘Malditang Moana’ Elicits Reactions from Netizens A baby girl who has been hailed as ‘Malditang Moana’ for crying and yelling during a photoshoot goes viral online. Babies are called to small children until the age of two. Most of them are still learning to eat, speak, crawl, and walk during this … Read more

Wild Monkey Attacks & Nearly Kidnaps Toddler in China

Wild Monkey

Wild Monkey Caught on Camera While Attacking & Trying to Kidnap Toddler in China A wild monkey suddenly attacked and nearly kidnapped a toddler in Chongqing, China but was rescued by a nearby villager. Earlier this week, a three-year-old girl in a village in Southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality has been attacked by a wild monkey. … Read more