Young Boy Reacts to Hot Weather: ‘Ayoko ng mainit na panahon'”

Young Boy Goes Viral Over Hilarious Reaction to Scorching Summer Heat

A young boy has gone viral online due to his hilarious reaction to the hot weather condition, as he exclaims, “Ayoko ng mainit na panahon.

The summer heat in the Philippines can be quite intense, with temperatures often soaring to uncomfortable levels. From March to May, the country experiences its hottest months, with April and May typically being the peak of the summer season.

Many people seek refuge indoors or in shaded areas to escape the scorching sun. It’s common to see individuals carrying umbrellas or wearing hats to shield themselves from direct sunlight. The summer heat can also pose health risks, especially for the elderly, young children, and individuals with certain medical conditions.

Young Boy

On Wednesday, May 1. 2024, Roxanne Santiago, a TikTok user, shared a funny video that melted the hearts of netizens as she shared a delightful interaction with her 3-year-old son, Miguel.

In the viral video, young Miguel charmed viewers with his playful rendition of his discomfort with the scorching heat in the Philippines. With a smile on his face, the young boy sang, “Ayoko ng mainit na panahon, hindi ko alam kung bakit uminit dito sa Pilipinas.”

Roxanne revealed that despite Miguel’s exposure to English-themed content on YouTube, he showed an impressive ability to speak Tagalog fluently even before turning three years old. She emphasized that kids shouldn’t be compared to others as each child progresses at their own pace.


Pano magrequest ng aircon without saying “mom open na natin aircon” 😭

♬ original sound – santiagoroksan_

‘Iba-iba siguro talaga development bawat bata kaya dapat hindi sila dapat kino-compare sa iba,’ Roxannes said.

Miguel expressed his dislike for the hot weather in the country and his reaction brings good vibes online.

Roxanne not only showcased her son’s singing skills but also shared a relatable moment that brought smiles to people’s faces amidst the scorching heat.

In a similar post, a student brings own fan to school to beat intense heat

The video has a caption:

“Pano magrequest ng aircon without saying “mom open na natin aircon”

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Young Boy

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