3-Year-Old Boy Impresses Netizens w/ His Good Manners

Netizens Praise 3-Year-Old Boy for Being Respectful During Moving Up Ceremony

A three-year-old boy from Merida, Leyte impressed the netizens with his good manners during his moving up ceremony.

Respectful manner refers to the way in which someone behaves or interacts with others in a manner that shows consideration, politeness, and honor towards them. It involves treating others with dignity, listening to their opinions without interrupting, using polite language, and being mindful of their feelings and personal space.

Respectful manners are often demonstrated through actions such as greeting people politely, saying “please” and “thank you,” showing empathy, and being courteous in both words and deeds.

3-Year-Old Boy

Recently, Marianita Covero, a Facebook user, shared a video footage of a three-year-old son who respectfully greeted his teachers during the ceremony. The post garnered various reactions from the internet users.

The video shows the young boy respectfully greeting his teachers by shaking their hands and even performing a traditional Filipino gesture called “mano.” The daycare moving up ceremony took place last May 22, 2024 (Wednesday).

According to Covero, the students rehearsed a week before the event, the toddler even practiced shaking hands two days before the event at the venue. She was surprised with her son’s respectful gesture.

3-Year-Old Boy

“A week before the event they practiced and even two days before sa mismong event nag practice sa mismong venue din, he shake hands naman kaya nagulat na lang lahat even me filming this kasi nagmano siya,” Covero said.

Apart from his impressive manners, Marianita described her son as a cheerful and affectionate child. The kid’s joyful demeanor has endeared him not only to his family but also to the online community who watched the heartwarming video.

The positive reception to Marianita’s post shows the appreciation for kindness and respect, especially when displayed by young children. Such gestures of politeness and good behavior serve as inspiring examples.

The proud mother expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support and encouragement from netizens.

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

3-Year-Old Boy

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