Revilla Undergoes Gall Bladder Surgery Over “Chicharon Bulaklak”

Senator Revilla Undergoes Gall Bladder Surgery for Eating “Chicharon Bulaklak” and Oily Food Senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr undergoes gall bladder removal surgery after eating excessive oily food and “chicharon bulaklak”. The senator recently revealed that he had a laparoscopy to remove stones from his gall bladder. Revilla stated on Facebook that he had surgery … Read more

Bong Revilla Undergo Surgery To Remove Gallbladder

Bong Revilla 3

Bong Revilla Reveals He Had Surgery To Remove Gallbladder BONG REVILLA – Sen. Bong Revilla revealed he had surgery to remove his gallbladder and gallstones. Senator Bong Revilla’s blood pressure spiked last week. He was immediately taken to the hospital. On Monday, the actor-turned-politician was rushed to the hospital after experiencing terrible stomach pains. According … Read more

Transwomen Group ‘Warla Gang’ Jailed for Kidnapping Foreigners

Warla Gang Kidnapping

Group of Transwomen ‘Warla Gang’ Arrested for Kidnapping Foreigners Police arrested a group of transwomen called ‘Warla Gang’ for allegedly kidnapping foreigners to fund their beauty surgery. The National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) and the PNP Anti-Kidnapping Group detained eight (8) members of the Warla Kidnapping Group. All of the group’s members that have … Read more

Young Man Sells Leche Flan to Support Surgery & Education

Young Man

Young Man Goes Viral For Selling Leche Flan to Support Own Medical Surgery and Education A young man goes viral and earns praises from the online community for selling leche flan to support surgery and education. A netizen named Gelo Abugao has shared the photos of a young man identified as Juan Marco III selling … Read more

Surgeon Face Charges After Amputated The Wrong Leg of a Patient

Surgeon Amputated the Wrong Leg of the Patient Face Charges, Fined A female Austrian surgeon faces prosecution and a fine after she reportedly amputated the wrong leg of a patient. An 82-year-old patient went to the surgeon’s clinic and was told that his leg needed to be amputated, according to the report. The surgeon had … Read more

Cai Cortez Proudly Announces Father Rez Cortez is Now Cancer-Free

Rez Cortez is Now Cancer-Free After Undergoing Surgery, Cai Cortez Announced CAI CORTE – The Filipina actress-comedienne proudly announced that her father Rez Cortez is now cancer-free after undergoing surgery. Cai Cortez recently updated her Instagram followers on her father Rez Cortez’s health. She posted a video on her Instagram account to share the happy … Read more

Cai Cortez Asks for Prayers for Father Rez Cortez Undergoes Surgery

Cai Cortez Asks Prayers on Public as Father Rez Cortez Undergoes Liver Surgery CAI CORTEZ – Kapuso actress-comedienne asks for prayers in the public as her father actor Rez Cortez undergoes surgery due to liver failure. The actress took to Instagram to seek prayers for her father Rez Cortez, who is expected to undergo surgery … Read more

Knife Embedded in Man’s Body in Kidapawan Successfully Removed

Knife Embedded in Man’s Body for Year in Kidapawan City Has Been Removed The man in Kidapawan City who has a year-old knife embedded in his body can now live normally after it was successfully removed. After a man was stabbed in Kidapawan City, a five-inch knife that had been hidden in his back for … Read more