Woman Expresses Disappointment After Another Customer Takes Her Forgotten Chicken

Woman Slams Fellow Customer Who Took the Chicken She Purchased, Which Left at Supermarket

A woman has expressed her disappointment after another customer at a famous supermarket takes her forgotten chicken.

Recently, Hanna Melea M Señeres, a Facebook user, shared her disappointing experience after another customer took the chicken she had purchased, which she accidentally left at the counter. The post quickly went viral, garnering reactions from netizens.

Señeres recounted how she went to Savemore to buy groceries, including a kilo of chicken worth P281. Upon returning home, she realized after an hour that the chicken was missing.


The woman hurried back to the store to verify, where staff confirmed through CCTV footage that she had indeed left the chicken behind. Unfortunately, the person next in line took it, possibly unaware, along with their groceries.

Feeling dismayed, Señeres asked what would happen in such a situation. She was informed that the item would be replaced, but the cost would be borne by the cashier and the bagger.

Despite the thought crossing her mind that she could get the item for free since the cost would be covered by the store, Señeres empathized with the minimum wage earners, understanding that some of them were struggling to make ends meet.


The lady decided to pay for the chicken again, acknowledging her responsibility for not checking everything before leaving. Señeres found comfort in the grateful eyes and smiles of the store staff, though she was saddened by the incident,

The female customer emphasized the importance of embodying love and compassion in a world often marred by anger and bitterness. She advocated for choosing kindness over being right, believing that such actions would give good returns.

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Here is the full post:

Went to Savemore to buy just a few grocery items including a kilo of chicken worth 281.56.

When I got home I discovered after an hour that the chicken is missing, so I went back to the store to confirm. The staff reviewed the cctv and it was confirmed that I really left it, but sadly the person next in line took it, maybe unaware, together with their grocery. So I asked what will happen if that’s the case? They said that they will replace the item but it will be shouldered by the cashier and the bagger.

At the back of my mind, I’m telling myself I can get the item for free since it will be charged to the cashier and to the bagger anyway. But upon thinking that those workers are just minimum wage earners and knowing some are struggling just to make ends meet, I just decided to pay for it again since I am also partly at fault as I didn’t checked everything before leaving. So yes I paid for it again. I was quite sad at that moment, but when I saw the thankful eyes and smiles of the staff, I know I made the right decision.


In this world full of anger, hate and bitterness, be a person who carries love and compassion. And if you have the choice between being right and being kind, choose being kind. I’m sure it will return back a hundredfold.”

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