Cheap Hotels In Siquijor You Must Check Out

Cheap Hotels In Siquijor

Here are some cheap hotels in Siquijor that will help ease out your expenses. CHEAP HOTELS IN SIQUIJOR – Not all of us are willing to splurge thousands per night for a place, and in Siquijor, here are some budget hotels for you! An emerging tourist destination in the Philippines is the Siquijor Island. This … Read more

Siquijor Travel Guide – What To Do On The Island?

Siquijor Travel Guide

SIQUIJOR TRAVEL GUIDE – Here are some tips on what to do if you plan on taking a vacation in this place. If it’s your first time in Siquijor, you’d surely get intimidated by the magical and mystical stories about this place. However, this is not the sole reason why this island is famous. This … Read more

Siquijor Island Tour – Famous Attraction You Must See

Siquijor Island Tour

SIQUIJOR ISLAND TOUR – This enchanting island has something for everyone and here are some you must see up close and personal. Planning your trip to Siquijor? This island is made of beaches, waterfalls, and lush forests – something you will need to rest and relax. But there’s more to these when you visit this … Read more

Siquijor Island – Getting Around, Fun Activities To Do

Siquijor Island

Here are some details about Siquijor Island and the things you can do around here, first-timer or not. SIQUIJOR ISLAND – Philippines’ “Island Of Fire” has quite a reputation but behind the stories is a paradise where you can do so much. By reputation, Siquijor is a place with stories about witchcraft and black magic, … Read more