Janice De Belen “Nabudol”, Receives Dirty Item from Online Seller

Janice De Belen Airs Frustration After “Nabudol” by Scammer Online Seller Veteran actress Janice De Belen vents frustration online after being “nabudol” by a scammer online seller. The award-winning actress expressed her dissatisfaction with the purchase she made from an online merchant. She said in an Instagram post that a well-known online retailer shipped her … Read more

Anthony Taberna Hints to be the New Endorser of Shopee

Anthony Taberna Shopee

Anthony Taberna Shares His Latest “New Blessing” as Shopee Endorser Seasoned broadcaster Anthony ‘Ka Tunying’ Taberna hints netizens that he will be the new endorser of the online shopping app Shopee. The incisive journalist posted the most recent blessing in his life to Facebook. He also teases a picture of himself in a confetti shower … Read more

Anne Curtis Leaves Shopee and Transfers To Lazada?

Anne Curtis

Online people are gushing about Anne Curtis and this is the reason why. ANNE CURTIS – A teaser from Lazada has been released regarding the platform’s new endorser and people online were left in loud buzz. The first celebrity to appear in Shopee’s first-ever television commercial is Kapamilya actress Anne Curtis. In modern times, many shopping … Read more

Toni Gonzaga As Shopee Endorser, Sellers Have These Reactions

toni gonzaga

What’s the effect of Shopee’s decision to get Toni Gonzaga as ambassador Online sellers using Shopee as a platform to sell their products have these reactions to the decision of the company to get Ultimate Multimedia Star Toni Gonzaga as its ambassador. From the time Shopee teased its new endorser, netizens have been talking about … Read more

Aiko Melendez on People Blaming Toni Gonzaga for Shopee Mass Layoff

aiko melendez toni gonzaga

Aiko Melendez shared her thoughts on the Toni Gonzaga-Shopee issue Actress-politician Aiko Melendez reacted to people blaming Ultimate Multimedia Star Toni Gonzaga for the Shopee mass layoff. Days prior to the announcement of the popular online shopping company that it will a new ambassador reports circulated that there was a mass layoff that happened. The … Read more

Toni Gonzaga as Shopee Endorser: Is Lazada Throwing Shade?

toni gonzaga

Toni Gonzaga received bashing online for her recent endorsement Ultimate Multimedia Star Toni Gonzaga was named as the newest Shopee ambassador and netizens think that this post that Lazada shared was a subtle attack. Shopee and Lazada are among the leading online shopping companies in the Philippines. Just recently, Toni received bashing after it was … Read more

Toni Gonzaga Still “PR Win For Shopee”, Netizens React

toni gonzaga

Toni Gonzaga shared this post about her Shopee endorsement Ultimate Multimedia Star Toni Gonzaga is the newest Shopee ambassador and despite the negative reactions, she shared this post saying that she is still a PR win for the online shopping company. From the time when Shopee released the teaser for its new ambassador until it … Read more

Ka Tunying Businesses to be Boycott after Tirade vs Kakampinks

Ka Tunying vs Kakampinks

Kakampinks Urges Public to Boycott Businesses of Anthony ‘Tunying’ Taberna Netizens planned to boycott the businesses of veteran broadcast journalist Anthony ‘Tunying’ Taberna after his tirade against Kakampinks. Following his outburst against followers of former vice president Leni Robredo or Kakampinks, the seasoned journalist begins trending on Twitter. Taberna criticized the Kakampinks boycott campaign and … Read more

Anthony Taberna Slams Kakampinks Over Boycott Call vs Shopee

Anthony Taberna Shopee

Anthony Taberna Take Swipe vs Kakampinks Over Boycott Campaign Against Shopee Seasoned broadcaster Anthony Taberna slammed the ‘Kakampinks’ over their boycott campaign against the online shopping platform Shopee. Anthony “Ka Tunying” Taberna criticizes Atty Leni Robredo’s supporters for reportedly closing the online marketplace after they revealed their new endorsing celebrity. In addition, it was said … Read more