Sarah Geronimo Still Sends Family “Sustento” But Receives Nothing In Return

Sarah Geronimo

Cristy Fermin’s source has these revelations about Sarah Geronimo and her relationship with her family. SARAH GERONIMO – Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo still supports her family but her family is not responding to her messages. Former The Voice of the Philippines mentor Sarah Geronimo has always dreamed of becoming a performer. And such a dream … Read more

Sarah Geronimo’s Age

Sarah Geronimo's Age

Sarah Geronimo’s Age & Personal Background SARAH GERONIMO’S AGE – Here are some details about Kapamilya singer-actress Sarah Geronimo including how old she currently is. In the Philippine showbiz industry, one of the most successful celebrities is singer-actress Sarah Geronimo. She is a longtime artist of ABS-CBN Network and she is one of those who … Read more

Sarah Geronimo’s Parents

Sarah Geronimo’s Parents & Her Relationship w/ Them SARAH GERONIMO’S PARENTS – Here are some details about actress-singer Sarah Geronimo including her parents, Delfin and Divine Geronimo. One of the most successful stars in the Philippine showbiz industry is Sarah Geronimo. Truths be told that she is one of the highest-paying celebrities not only in … Read more

Sarah Geronimo

Sarah Geronimo

Personal Background of Sarah Geronimo & Her Showbiz Career SARAH GERONIMO – Here are some details about the personal background, showbiz career, and family life of the Kapamilya actress-singer. In the Philippine showbiz industry, there are stars who achieved a different level of success – Kapamilya actress-singer Sarah Geronimo is one of them. She is … Read more

Sarah Geronimo Parents Absent During Supposed Family Reunion?

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It is true that the parents of Sarah Geronimo did not attend their reunion? The parents of Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo reportedly were absent during their supposed reunion. At this time of the year, family reunions and gatherings are more frequently being held. Even celebrities, as they are taking this time to have their vacation … Read more

Sarah Geronimo Wedding: Interview about ‘kontrabida’ parents resurfaces

After Matteo Guidicelli-Sarah Geronimo wedding, past interview about “kontrabida” parents resurfaced Sarah Geronimo Wedding – The Popstar Princess had this past interview about her “kontrabida” parents and this resurfaced after her wedding with Matteo Guidicelli. Long before Matteo came to the life of Sarah, Delfin and Divine Geronimo have already been tagged as “kontrabida”. It … Read more

Matteo Guidicelli Message For Sarah, Parents Trends Online, Netizens React

Matteo Guidicelli Message

Here’s the trending Matteo Guidicelli message for Sarah Geronimo and her parents. MATTEO GUIDICELLI MESSAGE – Here are the various reactions of the netizens as Matteo Guidicelli expressed message to fiancee and her parents. In a previous report, Matteo Guidicelli wrote this very heart-warming message and vow to the parent of Sarah Geronimo that touched … Read more

Sarah Geronimo Clarifies Rumors that her Parents Separated

Sarah Geronimo Speaks Out in her Parents Issue

Singer-Actress Sarah Geronimo speaks out regarding the rumors that her parents Delfin and Devine Geronimo have already separated. In an interview with the Pop Star Princess in the “Buzz”, she denies this allegation and said that their family are intact and her parents did not parted ways. Sarah admitted that their family is not a … Read more