Sarah Geronimo’s Parents

Sarah Geronimo’s Parents & Her Relationship w/ Them

SARAH GERONIMO’S PARENTS – Here are some details about actress-singer Sarah Geronimo including her parents, Delfin and Divine Geronimo.

One of the most successful stars in the Philippine showbiz industry is Sarah Geronimo. Truths be told that she is one of the highest-paying celebrities not only in the music industry but as well as in the acting field. What many people admire about her aside from her humble personality is her being multi-talented.

Sarah Geronimo

The singing talent of Sarah Geronimo was her key to the showbiz industry. It was the voice she’s blessed with that made her known across the nation and helped her establish a name in the industry.

According to Sarah, it was really her father who helped her nurture her talent in singing. Sarah Geronimo’s parents are Delfin and Divina Geronimo. Her father is a former employee of PLDT, a telecommunications company in the Philippines, while her mother was running a salon at their house then.

Sarah Geronimo used to practice singing and perform a duet with Daddy Delfin as she was growing up. When it comes to going to auditions, it was her mother who usually accompanies her.

More popularly called in showbiz as Mommy Divine, the mother of Sarah was the one who’s usually present with her not only in meetings but as well as in tapings and other work-related activities. It is no secret to the public that she’s raised by a strict mother.

Sarah Geronimo's Parents

Sarah Geronimo‘s parents undeniably raised a super star – not only with the talent she has but her inspiring love for her parents and her siblings. Many people admire the actress-singer for how she helped her family out of poverty and gave them a comfortable life by working hard.

Despite the disapproval of Mommy Divine on her relationship with Matteo Guidicelli, Sarah remained respectful and loving towards her parents and their family. The AshMatt fans and supporters only hope reconciliation between them.

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