Generous Passenger Gives Cash to Penniless Family, Earns Praises Online

Generous Passenger

Generous Passenger Earns Praises Online After Helping Penniless Family in Public Jeepney A generous passenger goes viral and earns praises from the online community for giving cash to a penniless family. Generosity and kindness are two virtues that have been valued by societies and cultures throughout history. These qualities are often seen as the highest … Read more

Pickup Truck Hits Ambulance Carrying Pregnant Woman in Pangasinan

Pregnant Woman

Netizens Slam Pickup Truck Driver for Hitting Ambulance Carrying Pregnant Woman A pickup truck accidentally hits an ambulance carrying a pregnant woman who is about to give birth to her child. Ambulance is one of the most prioritized vehicles on the road as it transport patients from various locations heading to the nearest hospital or medical … Read more

Manila Policeman Helps Pregnant Woman to Give Birth

Manila Policeman

Manila Policeman Assists Pregnant Woman to Deliver Child at Home MANILA, Philippines – A kind-hearted Manila policeman helped a pregnant woman to deliver her child at home. Police officers are warranted law employees who were in charge of apprehending suspects and preventing crimes. They were tasked to implement the rules and regulations in the country … Read more

Siblings Arrested After Punching Stomach of Pregnant, Kicking Child

Siblings Arrested After Punching Stomach of Pregnant Woman in Naga City Police authorities arrested siblings after that was caught punching the stomach of an alleged pregnant woman in Naga City. According to a GMA News report, a man was detained after punching a pregnant neighbor in the stomach over a joke in Barangay Calauag, Naga … Read more

Breathtaking Stunts of Pregnant Woman While Dancing Majorette Went Viral

Pregnant Woman

Netizens Express Reactions After Pregnant Woman Performs Breathtaking Stunts While Dancing Majorette The breathtaking stunts of a pregnant woman while dancing majorette during a festival went viral and earns reactions online. Pregnant ladies usually take good care of their health and body to ensure the safety of their babies. Having a regular check-up, physical activities, … Read more

Pregnant Woman Risks Life To Save Elderly Trapped In Burning Home

Pregnant Woman Risks Life To Save Man From Burning Home PREGNANT WOMAN RISKS LIFE – In our lives, sometimes, instincts kick in despite the dangers that are in front of us. Recently, a pregnant woman went viral after she risked her life and her unborn child’s to save another human being. While driving, Sara Maughan … Read more