Pregnant Woman Claims to be a Victim of Vampire-like Creature “Ungo”

Pregnant Woman Claims to be a Victim of Vampire-like Creature “Ungo”

In a chilling account that has left the community of Naga, Cebu in shock, a 43-year-old pregnant woman has come forward with a spine-tingling tale of encountering a vampire-like creature known locally as “ungo.”

Lena Gonzaga, a resident of the mountain village of Naalad, located just 20 kilometers south of Cebu City, recounted her terrifying experience during an interview. The incident took place on the night of June 21, 2023, when she was alone at her home.

Suddenly, she felt an eerie presence and soon found herself face-to-face with the dreaded “ungo.” Fear gripped her as she realized that she was in the presence of a supernatural entity, known for its vampiric tendencies.

Pregnant Woman

Tragically, Gonzaga believes that her encounter with the “ungo” resulted in the loss of her unborn child. Lena was convinced she was two months pregnant, as confirmed by a pregnancy test she had taken earlier.

However, a recent ultrasound revealed that there was no yolk sac in her uterus during the examination, indicating a distressing turn of events.

To further support her claims, Gonzaga showed the writer scratches on her abdomen, which she attributed to the malevolent creature’s attack. The injuries were a chilling reminder of the encounter’s physical and emotional toll on her.

As a manicurist by profession, Gonzaga leads a relatively ordinary life, and this encounter with the supernatural has left her bewildered and traumatized. She is a mother of three, with her eldest child now 21 years old.

The local authorities have taken note of Gonzaga’s claims and are actively pursuing an investigation into the matter. The police in Naga City are being approached to provide their perspective on the incident.

Pregnant Woman

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