Man Gives Money to Partner: “Deserve mo yan kasi nagpabuntis ka sakin”

Man Gives Money to Partner as Reward after Allowing Him to Impregnate Her

A man goes viral on social media after he gives money to his live-in partner as a reward for allowing him to impregnate her.

In some cultures, husbands are expected to assist their wives financially, yet in others, spouses may split expenses equally or based on their respective incomes. Some couples may prefer to keep their finances separate and manage their expenses separately.

Meanwhile, a husband rewarding his wife might be a method for him to express his appreciation, love, and support for her. Gifts, activities, and even words of affirmation can be used as rewards.

A husband’s choice of reward for his wife may be influenced by their relationship, interests, and what he believes will make her feel cherished and appreciated. It could be as simple as making her favorite meal or surprising her with concert tickets, a weekend getaway, or money.

A Facebook user revealed a kind act he did for his live-in partner. He did, however, leave a humorous note along with the money, which went viral on social media and elicited amusing replies.

On the first note, it says “Deserve mo yan,” while the second note says “kasi nag pabuntis ka sakin.” The pregnant woman holds the money and two notes while taking a selfie.

Man Gives Money Partner

The post went popular on social media, and netizens responded with humorous replies. Meanwhile, other netizens chastised the message for setting a negative example to children and others.

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