Why Catch The Feeling If You Can Catch Pokemon

Love hurts4

Every body is busy catching their Pokemon and you are just like “I don’t care, I have some who can make me laugh, make me feel like I’m the only one and a very special person.” But you suddenly realize that you are just day dreaming after all because you don’t have a love life … Read more

VIRAL!!! Hollywood Celebrities Playing Pokemon Go

Justin Bieber

 Hollywood Celebrities Playing Pokemon Go Pokemon Go is now a very trending mobile apps in the world. Among the 21 million active players of this game per day in U.S alone  are going crazy with these game players stick to their phone without notice who stand next to them. Both adults, children, men, women, and … Read more

Pokemon Go: Kids New Medicine


Pokemon Go: kids new medicine Pokemon Go is now the new medicine when the kids at the children’s hospital start to get up from their bed and move around to play Pokemon. It makes the children who are sick to get up and to socialize with other people. Pokemon Go is a mobile game using … Read more