Fire Volunteer Nabbed for P23.4M Illegal Drugs in Parañaque

Fire Volunteer Yields P23.4 Illegal Drugs in Parañaque Buy-Bust Ops Police authorities arrested a fire volunteer after being caught with P23.4 million worth of illegal drugs in Parañaque buy-bust. A 41-year-old firefighter was arrested after officials confiscated suspected shabu worth PHP23.4 million during a drug raid in Paraaque City. According to the article, the suspect … Read more

Chinese Man Nabbed for Selling Pre-Registered SIM Cards

Chinese Man Selling Pre-Registered SIM Cards in Parañaque City Arrested Police authorities arrested a Chinese national man for allegedly selling pre-registered SIM cards in Parañaque City. The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Pampanga arrested a Chinese national who was selling pre-registered SIM cards in Paranaque City. According to the claim, the SIM cards are worth … Read more

3 Chinese Nationals Arrested for Illegal Detention in Parañaque

3 Chinese Nationals Illegally Detaining in Parañaque Arrested by Cops Police authorities arrested three (3) Chinese nationals for the alleged illegal detention of Chinese man in Parañaque City. This Friday, members of the Paraaque Police Tambo substation detained three Chinese nationals for illegally dining with another Chinese. The suspects were identified as Wang Dingding, Ying … Read more

Malaysian Nabbed for Posing as RTC Staff to Release Kidnapper Friends

Malaysian Pose as RTC Staff in Attempt to Release Arrested Kidnapper Friends A Malaysian national and his Filipino accomplice were arrested after they were caught pretending to be staff of Parañaque City Regional Trial Court (RTC). According to Paranaque City Police, the Malaysian citizen and his Filipino accomplice were detained when they were caught posing … Read more

2 Chinese Nationals Arrested Over Robbery Extortion in Parañaque

2 Chinese Nationals Nabbed in Parañaque Over Robbery Extortion Police authorities arrested two (2) Chinese Nationals after being accused of robbery extortion against their fellow Chinese in Parañaque City. The two Chinese were apprehended by police in Paraaque City on January 18 after they reportedly demanded money from one of their countrymen who worked for … Read more

3 Men Arrested Over Carnapping in Parañaque, Extorting Money from Victim

3 Men Accused of Carnapping and Extorting Money from Victim in Parañaque Arrested Authorities arrested three (3) in Muntinlupa accused of carnapping in Parañaque City and extorting money from their victim, which is the owner of the vehicle. Police tracked down a van stolen in Parañaque and used by the suspects to extort money on … Read more