3 Chinese Nationals Arrested for Illegal Detention in Parañaque

3 Chinese Nationals Illegally Detaining in Parañaque Arrested by Cops

Police authorities arrested three (3) Chinese nationals for the alleged illegal detention of Chinese man in Parañaque City.

This Friday, members of the Paraaque Police Tambo substation detained three Chinese nationals for illegally dining with another Chinese. The suspects were identified as Wang Dingding, Ying Jian, and Yong Jin Ong by the Southern Police District (SPD).

Around 2 p.m., the foreign suspects were apprehended inside a casino resort and hotel in Barangay Tambo, Parañaque City. The victim was named Zhou Qing, 33, who called his girlfriend, Anne Rose Valenzuela Burca, according to the SPD.

Chinese Nationals Parañaque

Based on the report, he claimed that the suspects kidnapped her after she lost P500,000 at the casino. The victim informed Burca that if he did not pay the P500,000, he would be sold to the Philippine Offshore Gaming Operator (POGO) business.

Burca immediately sought assistance from the casino security guards, who rescued Qing and arrested Wang Dingding. Dingding was arrested and taken to the Tambo substation by security guards. According to the police, after Dingding was apprehended, Jian and Ong appeared at the Tambo substation to assist and settle the complaint against the culprit.

However, Qing identified Jian and Ong as the men who barred her from leaving the room and threatened to sell her to a POGO firm at the Tambo police substation. The accused are currently being held at the Paranaque police detention facility on charges of illegal detention.

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