Chinese Man Nabbed for Selling Pre-Registered SIM Cards

Chinese Man Selling Pre-Registered SIM Cards in Parañaque City Arrested

Police authorities arrested a Chinese national man for allegedly selling pre-registered SIM cards in Parañaque City.

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Pampanga arrested a Chinese national who was selling pre-registered SIM cards in Paranaque City. According to the claim, the SIM cards are worth up to P500,000 and are allegedly utilized in fraud.

The culprit was detained after an undercover NBI agent sold a pre-registered SIM card for P3,000 to P6,000, which was then passed on to POGO firms for use in the fraud. When the SIM cards were used in the pre-registration process, it looked that 20 SIM cards had already been registered under another name.

Chinese Selling Pre-Registered SIM

The SIM Registration Law prohibits the sale or transfer of a registered SIM. The suspect faces a six-month to six-year prison sentence for violating the Civil Registration Act, based on the report.

Meanwhile, three people were arrested in Makati City’s Barangay Poblacion for selling pre-registered SIM cards. According to the Southern Police District (SPD), its Special Operations Unit conducted a buy-bust operation against employees of Hapson Technology, which was reported to be selling pre-registered SIM cards.

According to authorities, at least 40 prepaid SIM cards from Globe Telecom and 37 from Smart Communications were taken from Elvies Basilio, 29, and Jomar Colinares, 30, both Hapson Technology employees.

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