Floyd Mayweather Criticized Manny Pacquiao’s Fighting Career


Floyd Mayweather Criticized Manny Pacquiao’s Fighting Career After Manny’s Victory Against Thurman, Pacquiao Responds Back FLOYD MAYWEATHER – Undefeated American boxer Floyd Mayweather bashed boxer-senator Manny Pacquiao’s boxing career. Manny then gave back his response. Everyone was cheering as boxer-senator Manny Pacquiao gained his 62nd win against American boxer Keith Thurman. Many congratulated Pacquiao for … Read more

Manny Pacquiao’s Victory Against Thurman Sparks Celebrities’ Reaction


Celebrities React To Senator Manny Pacquiao’s Victory Against Keith Thurman MANNY PACQUIAO’S VICTORY – Celebrities recently gave their congratulaion posts to Senator Manny Pacquiao’s victory against Thurman. Manny Pacquiao recently won via a split-decision against American boxer Keith Thurman. Many people congratulate the senator-boxer, including Manila City mayor Isko Moreno, who noted Pacquiao’s preserverance and … Read more

BREAKING NEWS: Pacquiao Wins Vs. Thurman in WBA Super Welterweight Fight

Pacquiao Thurman

Manny Pacquiao Wins WBA Super Welterweight Boxing Fight Against Keith Thurman PACQUIAO – Filipino boxer Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao won the WBA Super Welterweight Fight against American Boxer Keith “One Time” Thurman. Since the previous months, many people most especially fanatics of boxing can’t wait to see Pacman and Thurman facing each other in the boxing … Read more

Pacquiao To Teach Thurman A Lesson, ‘Like A Professor’

Manny Pacquiao’s Statement For Keith Thurman PACQUIAO – Manny Pacquiao let out some statements towards Keith Thurman regarding their upcoming fight on July 21st. The two fighters have exchanged words in the past during press conferences and interviews. Thurman has also made claims about putting Pacquiao in his place and sending him into retirement. He … Read more

Manny Pacquiao: Erik Morales Awes To See Pacman Fighting at 40

Manny Pacquiao - Erik Morales 2

Erik Morales Awes To See Manny Pacquiao Fighting at 40 MANNY PACQUIAO – Mexican retired boxer Erik Morales is in awe to see Manny Pacquiao still fighting at the age of 40. This July 20, Filipino boxing champion Manny Pacquiao is set to fight the young American boxer Keith Thurman. The younger boxer will have … Read more

VIDEO: Keith Thurman Gives “Beautiful” Message To Filipino Boxing Fans

Keith Thurman to PH fans

Here’s the “Beautiful” Message of Keith Thurman To Filipino Fight Fans KEITH THURMAN – American professional boxer Keith Thurman gave a “beautiful” message to the Filipino fight fans. Boxer Keith Thurman is about to face the Pinoy boxing icon Manny Pacquiao this coming July 21, 2019. The 30-year-old boxer keeps on declaring that he will … Read more

Manny Pacquiao: Video Of How He Made This Couple’s Morning

Manny Pacquiao & couple 3

Video Of Manny Pacquiao Completing This Couple’s Morning MANNY PACQUIAO – Watch how Manny Pacquiao completed this elderly couple’s morning after his workout. Filipino professional boxer Manny Pacquiao has 5 children with his wife Jinkee Pacquiao. They are Jimuel, Michael, Mary Divine Grace, Queen Elizabeth, and Israel. His eldest son Jimuel is seemed to be … Read more