Handsome Playboy Steals Money From 6 Girlfriends

Handsome Playboy

Handsome Playboy Enters Relationship w/ 6 Girls to Earn Money NEW MODUS – A handsome playboy uses his stunning look to enter relationship with six girls and steal money from them. A handsome man who introduced himself as a ‘model’ engaged in multiple affairs just to earn money in an instant. The six female victims … Read more

Public School Teacher Arrested Over “Sangla” ATM Modus

Public School Teacher

NBI Arrests Public School Teacher For Involvement on “Sangla” ATM Modus SANGLA ATM MODUS – The authorities arrest a public school teacher for her involvement in ‘Sangla’ ATM modus. The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) launched an entrapment operation to arrest the lady suspect identified as Julieta Palasim. The authorities caught the suspect holding the … Read more

“Basag Kotse” Suspects Nabbed Over Robbery-Extortion in Pasig

“Basag Kotse” Suspects Accused of Robbery-Extortion Arrested in Entrapment in Pasig Police authorities arrested alleged “basag kotse” suspects during an entrapment operation in Pasig City over a robbery-extortion charge. The Pasig City Police Station caught two robbers in an entrapment operation at a restaurant in Barangay Ugong, Pasig City. The suspects have been identified as … Read more

Delivery Rider Airs Frustration to Customer Who Reported Him After Receiving Order

Delivery Rider

Delivery Rider Slams Customer Who Reported Him to Company After Receiving Order A delivery rider has expressed his frustration after a heartless customer allegedly reported him after receiving its order. Over the past few years, many delivery workers have been expressing their dismay towards bogus customers who were making fake booking and canceling orders. Riders … Read more

Elderly Woman Arrested Over Modus Victimizing “Unschooled” in Cavite

Elderly Woman Arrested for Allegedly “Sangla-Tira” Modus in Cavite Police authorities arrested an elderly woman over “sangla-tira” modus where she victimizes an elderly scrapper woman in Cavite. In Cavite, an elderly citizen was arrested for allegedly mortgaging false land titles to her victims. According to a GMA News story, one of her victims was an … Read more