76-Year-Old Grandma Loses P420k Worth of Cash & Jewelry to Budol Modus

76-Year-Old Grandma

76-Year-Old Grandma Victimized by 3 Unidentified Suspects Using Budol Modus A 76-year-old grandma lost P420, 000 worth of cash and jewelry to budol modus involving three unidentified suspects. Nowadays, robbery has been one of the major problems not only in the Philippines but also in various regions all around the world. Some criminals have no choice but … Read more

Desperate Man Caught on Camera Performing Bundol Scam Modus

Desperate Man

Video of Desperate Man Performing Bundol Scam Modus Earns Criticisms Online A desperate man has been caught on camera performing the notorious ‘Bundol scam modus’ with the aim to extort money from his victim. Nowadays, a lot of scammers have already scattered in different parts of the world including the Philippines. The heartless criminals are lurking in … Read more

Lady Scammer Arrested After Using “Sangla-Tira” Modus to 40 Victims

Lady Scammer

Cops Arrests Lady Scammer After Victimizing 40 Individuals Using “Sangla-Tira” Modus SANGLA TIRA MODUS – The cops arrested a lady scammer who was using the “Sangla-Tira” modus to steal money from about 40 victims. Over 40 complainants have trooped to the police station after learning that the scammer identified as Jady Tumanglao has been arrested. … Read more

Video of Wiper Boys Performing “Walang bayad, walang banlaw” Modus Goes Viral

Wiper Boys

Wiper Boys Using “Walang bayad, walang banlaw” Modus Elicits Reactions Online The video footage of wiper boys performing “Walang bayad, walang banlaw” modus goes viral after it was posted online. Nowadays, a lot of people are engaging in various activities and livelihood projects just to earn money and provide the necessities of the family amid … Read more

2 Scammers Arrested for Victimizing Helpless Online Sellers


Police Arrests 2 Scammers for Victimizing Helpless Online Sellers SCAMMERS – The police authorities have arrested two out of five scammers for victimizing the helpless online sellers. The two suspects have been caught on camera carrying boxes they stole from an online seller in Tondo, Manila. According to the police authorities, the boxes contain COVID … Read more

Handsome Playboy Steals Money From 6 Girlfriends

Handsome Playboy

Handsome Playboy Enters Relationship w/ 6 Girls to Earn Money NEW MODUS – A handsome playboy uses his stunning look to enter relationship with six girls and steal money from them. A handsome man who introduced himself as a ‘model’ engaged in multiple affairs just to earn money in an instant. The six female victims … Read more

Public School Teacher Arrested Over “Sangla” ATM Modus

Public School Teacher

NBI Arrests Public School Teacher For Involvement on “Sangla” ATM Modus SANGLA ATM MODUS – The authorities arrest a public school teacher for her involvement in ‘Sangla’ ATM modus. The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) launched an entrapment operation to arrest the lady suspect identified as Julieta Palasim. The authorities caught the suspect holding the … Read more