Public School Teacher Arrested Over “Sangla” ATM Modus

NBI Arrests Public School Teacher For Involvement on “Sangla” ATM Modus

SANGLA ATM MODUS – The authorities arrest a public school teacher for her involvement in ‘Sangla’ ATM modus.

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) launched an entrapment operation to arrest the lady suspect identified as Julieta Palasim. The authorities caught the suspect holding the mark money after the transaction.

The undercover agent give a sign to the personnel of NBI-Cyber Crime Division to arrest the culprit. According to NBI, there is a group changing the name of declared loss ATM cards, which were used to apply for loans in lending companies.

Public School Teacher

The ‘Sangla’ ATM modus starts when teachers loan P150, 000 using the altered card. The lending company doesn’t have an idea regarding the modus operandi and failed to receive the teacher’s salary from fake or altered ATM cards.

The altered card costs P35, 000 while the syndicate and teacher would divide the P150, 000 loan.

“Almost 1.5 kasi P150, 000 each ATM shock talaga! Kasu expected mo na yung ATM nila ay totoo at saka doon papasok lahat ng benefits ng teacher yun pala hindi kasi yun nga tampered yung ATM nila,” the complainant reiterated.

NBI Cybercrime Division Chief Head Agent Vic Lorenzo said that the ATM card’s physical appearance looks like original because the producer is skilled to imitate the authentic cards.

The suspect admitted her mistakes and revealed that she has P10, 000 commission per teacher. However, the culprit explained that she was just helping her fellow teachers.

Lorenzo also advised the public to think wisely before engaging in different transactions involving ATM cards because it may be used in fraudulent transactions.

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Public School Teacher

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