Handsome Playboy Steals Money From 6 Girlfriends

Handsome Playboy Enters Relationship w/ 6 Girls to Earn Money

NEW MODUS – A handsome playboy uses his stunning look to enter relationship with six girls and steal money from them.

A handsome man who introduced himself as a ‘model’ engaged in multiple affairs just to earn money in an instant. The six female victims have been identified as Nika, Carla, Lea, Lauren, Camila, and Lisa.

The unnamed guy used a unique modus wherein he used his looks and impressive body physique to attract ladies. He engaged in a relationship with six girls at the same time for his own benefit.

Handsome Playboy

The suspect is using six different cellphone numbers to contact his victims. The culprit reportedly share his financial struggles to capture the sympathy of his girlfriends before asking them for cash.

Nika gave money to the suspect, which will be allegedly used to pay his bills. She almost bought a sports for the handsome guy. Lea even spend her hard-earned cash from the bank just to help the guy pay the hospital bills of his uncle who contracted COVID-19.

Lisa who is working as an OFW in Europe lost P150, 000 to the playboy. “May karma din yung mga pinaggagawa mo,” Lisa said.

Unfortunately, the guy deleted his social media account and his mobile numbers cannot be reached.

The six ladies have joined forces to file charges against the suspect who hurt their feelings and stole their money. They aim to warn their fellow women against similar modus operandi.

Handsome Playboy

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