“Bangga-Higa” Modus Caught on Camera in Cagayan de Oro City

"Bangga-Higa" Modus

Man Using “Bangga-Higa” Modus in Cagayan de Oro City Caught on Camera “Bangga-Higa” modus in Cagayan de Oro City was captured on dashcam video, exposing this fraudulent activity. Fraudulent activities encompass a wide range of deceptive or illegal actions carried out to gain an unfair advantage or financial benefit. These activities can occur in various … Read more

Male Passenger Warns Public Against ‘Ketchup Modus’

Male Passenger

Male Passenger Warns Public Against ‘Ketchup Modus’ A male passenger warned the public against the so-called ‘ketchup modus’ after he almost fell victim to the scheme. Rainier Ronquillo, a TikTok user, recently shared his experience of almost falling victim to the ketchup modus scheme. His post quickly went viral and garnered various reactions from the … Read more

Police Arrests 3 Suspects Involved in Parcel-Snatching Scheme

Parcel-Snatching Scheme

The police authorities arrest three suspects who were allegedly involved in a parcel-snatching scheme in Quezon City. One of the suspects placed an order for perfume and planned the delivery. When the rider arrived, the suspect was apparently on the phone, snatched the parcel, and declared a holdup.

3 Individuals Arrested in QC for ‘Agaw-Parcel’ Modus

‘Agaw-Parcel’ Modus

3 Individuals in Quezon City Apprehended for Parcel-Snatching Scheme Three individuals were arrested in Quezon City for their alleged involvement in a parcel-snatching scheme, targeting unsuspecting delivery riders. The suspects are accused of conspiring a crime wherein they pose as customers, order items, and then forcibly take the parcels upon delivery. According to the police, … Read more

Cops Apprehend 2 ‘Jumper Boys’ Caught Stealing from Truck

Jumper Boys

Cops have arrested two “jumper boys” in Tondo, Manila, who were apprehended in the act of stealing items from a truck that had become stuck in traffic. The arrested suspects are now facing charges of alarm and scandal, illegal possession of firearms, and theft. To prevent further criminal activities in the area, the police authorities … Read more

Jumper Boys Caught on Camera Stealing From Truck

Jumper Boys

Police Authorities Arrest Jumper Boys Stealing From Valuables Truck TONDO, MANILA – Police authorities successfully apprehended two ‘jumper’ boys who were caught stealing valuables from a truck. In a viral video, these ‘jumper’ boys can be seen leaping into a truck that was stuck in traffic to pilfer valuable items, including a toolbox and scrap … Read more

Budol Suspect Fails to Perform Modus After Cashier Asks Her Colleague to Review CCTV

Budol Suspect

Budol Suspect Was Halted in Attempt to Perform Modus After Cashier Asks Colleague to Review CCTV A budol suspect was thwarted in her attempt to execute her modus operandi after the victim requested her colleague to review the CCTV footage. A series of alarming incidents involving budol-budol suspects has recently plagued the community, leaving innocent … Read more