Video of Poor Guy Airing Dismay After Budol-Budol Scammed Him Goes Viral

A poor guy has expressed his disappointment after a budol-budol stole his phone and left him with fake cash.

Nowadays, criminals have been using various modus and strategies to scam their victims. They were using unique techniques to deceive other people. A lot of people have been victimized by those schemes.

The authorities have already warned the public to be more aware and vigilant of their surroundings to avoid falling into those schemes.

Poor Guy

The Facebook page “KMJS Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho” (Not Official) has shared the video footage of a poor guy expressing his disappointment after a budol-budol member victimized him. The video garnered various reactions from the netizens.

In the video, it can be seen that the guy opened the black pouch he received from a stranger, which allegedly contains money. The stranger borrowed his mobile phone in exchange of alleged bundle of cash.

The young man easily believed the stranger who might be a member of “Budol-budol gang” who were deceiving their victims by any means just to earn a huge amount of money in an instant.

Poor Guy

The man discovered that the pouch only contains a few pieces of papers covered with a real P50 to make him believe that the pouch contains real money. He expressed his disappointed after realizing that he has been scammed.

One of the residents in the video told the poor man that the budol-budol’s action is a popular modus in the area. He also instructed the guy to check the items first before accepting it for assurance.

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