Mich Liggayu of JaMich Announces “Officially a Single Mom”

Mich Liggayu of JaMich Announces Being an Official Single Mom Elicits Reactions MICH LIGGAYU – Mich from the famous couple called “JaMich” has announced on her social media account that she is now a single mom. Mich Liggayu, a well-known member of the internet love team ‘JaMich,’ has broken up with his boyfriend Arran Phil … Read more

Mich Liggayu Pregnant, Neo Domingo Confirms He’s The Father

Mich Liggayu

Mich Liggayu pregnant and Neo Domingo is the father. MICH LIGGAYU – Neo Domingo confirms through a Facebook post that he is the father of famous video blogger Mich Liggayu’s baby. JaMich was once the most prominent love teams from YouTube. They are famous for their short films most especially their “By Chance” vlog which featured … Read more

Mich Liggayu of JaMich Now Pregnant & Ready To Settle Down?

Mich Liggayu

Mich Liggayu of JaMich Pregnancy Garnered Reactions Online MICH LIGGAYU – Mich Liggayu of the former love team “JaMich” is now pregnant and allegedly ready to settle down. JaMich is one of the most popular love teams that once dominated the social media world because of the viral video. JaMich is consist of Jam Vhille … Read more

‘I am weak, helpless’, Mich Liggayu Speaks Up

Becoming the subject of criticism and allegations following the death of her long-time partner Jam Sebastian, YouTube star Mich Liggayu finally broke her silence via Facebook, Tuesday. Liggayu posted (as quoted by ABS-CBN news), “Inalis sakin lahat ni God ngayon. Gusto ko ishare sa inyo yung isang side ng Paolinne Michelle Liggayu ngayon. Weak. Nothing. … Read more