Gerald Anderson Did This To Maja Salvador In Front Of Rambo

Gerald Anderson and Maja Salvador

Netizens commented on this video of Gerald Anderson, Maja Salvador, and Rambo Nunez. Former celebrity couple Maja Salvador and Gerald Anderson met at an event and the latter did this to the actress which surprised the netizens. In 2015, celebrities Maja Salvador and Gerald Anderson broke up after some years of being together. To recall, … Read more

Maja Salvador Wedding Video, Actress Shares Memorable Day

Maja Salvador and Rambo Nunez Wedding

Here’s the wedding video of Maja Salvador and Rambo Nunez. MAJA SALVADOR – Open 24/7 star actress just had the dreamiest and most magical wedding with Rambo Nuñez and here’s a video. Actress Maja Salvador and entrepreneur Rambo Nuñez have finally taken their relationship to a whole new level. They have finally tied the knot and they … Read more

Maja Salvador Wedding – Here Are Some Stunning Photos

Maja Salvador Wedding

Couple Rambo Nunez and Maja Salvador wedding was star-studded and here are some snaps from the event. MAJA SALVADOR WEDDING – The famous actress is now married to Rambo Nunez and here are some photos of their big day. Ahead of the big day of couple Maja Salvador and Rambo Nunez, the invited guests have … Read more

Maja Salvador Fun Bachelorette Party & Celebs Spotted In This Event

Maja Salvador

Before the actual wedding, Maja Salvador just had a fun bachelorette party. MAJA SALVADOR – Many celebrities were spotted at the bridal shower party of Maja Salvador and here are the highlights. Actress-dancer Maja Salvador will be tying the knot soon. Last year, she and Rambo Nunez announced their engagement which she described as her life’s “new … Read more