Maja Salvador and Rambo Nunez: How He Knew She Is “The One”

This is how Rambo Nunez realized Maja Salvador is “the one” for him.

For Rambo Nunez, this is what happened that made him realize actress-dancer Maja Salvador is really the one for him.

We all know that Maja Salvador is the one who used to not believe in second chances but, with Rambo Nunez, he made him believe otherwise. She broke her own words and now, they are married.

They got married in Apurva Kempinski Bali, a luxurious resort in Indonesia. But this was already the second wedding of Maja and Rambo.

Maja and Rambo have a civil wedding prior to their Bali wedding for some legal purposes. According to them, the civil wedding is for their union to be legalized in the country as the one held abroad won’t be.

But before anything else, what was the thing that made Rambo say to himself that Maja is really “the one”?

In a “He Said, She Said” with Mega, Maja and Rambo answered questions about their relationship behind each other’s back – literally. They were first asked what they felt after seeing each other again after many years.

To recall, the newlyweds have become a couple way before but they were too young back then. It only led to a separation four months after as they both wanted personal and career growth.

For Rambo, it felt nice seeing her again. He was even the first one to greet while as for Maja, she felt awkward. According to her, she felt the tension because, in her memory, nothing bad really happened between them in the past. It was just really bad timing.

Now, how did he realize she is the one?

He recalled that their first year was challenging because of the pandemic. A different dynamic has to be considered because of the health situation but instead of feeling fearful over a lot of things, their relationship, instead, made him hopeful and kept his vision looking forward to what is in store in the future for them based on the video.

The big part of it was knowing that he has Maja with him.

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