Kris Bernal Reacts to Previous Hair Mishap From ‘Starstruck’: “Sabi ko trim lang.”

Kris Bernal

Kapuso Actress Kris Bernal Laughs to Her Previous Hair Mishap From ‘Starstruck’ KRIS BERNAL – The Pinay actress reacted to the video of her viral hair mishap from ‘Starstruck’: “Sabi ko trim lang” The Filipina content creator Kris Bernal recently had a good laugh about a hairstyle mishap from her past during her time on … Read more

Kris Bernal “Too Much Information”; Cristy Fermin Slams Actress

kris bernal cristy fermin

Is Kris Bernal over-sharing life updates on social media? Veteran showbiz writer Cristy Fermin slammed actress Kris Bernal for allegedly sharing “too much information” on social media. It is part of the lives of celebrities to share life updates, especially now that social media is widely used by many people. Through different social media platforms, … Read more

Kris Bernal Reacts to Netizen’s “Nangingitim na kili-kili mo” Comment

Kris Bernal Humbly Responded to Netizen’s “Nangingitim na kili-kili mo” Comment Actress Kris Bernal humbly responded to the comment of a netizen about her alleged “nangingitm na kili-kili”. Kris, like other celebrities, is recording her parenting journey on social media. She is open about her pregnancy, particularly how she feels about having her kid in … Read more

Kris Bernal Asserts She Does Not Regret Her Pregnancy

Kris Bernal answered a negative comment on her pregnancy post Actress Kris Bernal asserted that she feels blessed to be pregnant and expecting her first baby with her husband Perry Choi. Just like other celebrities, Kris is documenting her journey to motherhood on her social media pages. She is generous in sharing details about her … Read more

Kris Bernal Shows Off Baby Bump In Gorgeous Swimsuit

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Kris Bernal Looks Blooming In Red One-piece Swimsuit KRIS BERNAL – Soon-to-be mama Kris Bernal showed off her baby bump in a red swimsuit. Kris Bernal and Perry Choi got married in September 2021 after being engaged in February 2020. In November 2017, Kris made her relationship with Perry known to the public. In 2016, … Read more

Kris Bernal Reacts To Pokwang & Lee O’Brian’s Split

Kris Bernal, Pokwang, Lee O'Brian

Pokwang & Lee O’Brian Split Issue; Kris Bernal Reacts KRIS BERNAL – Actress Kris Bernal recently shared her thoughts on Pokwang and Lee O’Brian’s split. On Friday, February 3, Marietta Subong, known professionally as Pokwang revealed the real reason she ended her relationship with American actor Lee O’Brian. The Kapuso actress-host said in an interview … Read more

Kris Bernal Gains Weight and Netizens Say It Suits Her

Kris Bernal

Famous actress Kris Bernal “gained weight” and netizens have these comments. KRIS BERNAL – GMA actress-vlogger Kris Bernal is enjoying her weight gain and netizens are ecstatic and happy about it because it suits her. Kapuso actress Kris Bernal has a very active lifestyle. She is toned and fit but despite this, people still got … Read more