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Creative Guy Makes Improvised Wheels for Rescued Kitten

Creative Guy Earns Praise for Making Improvised Wheels for Rescued Kitten The netizens praised the creative guy who makes improvised wheels for a rescued kitten with leg disabilities. Abuyabor Jay Krystle Nova, a proud girlfriend, recounted on Facebook how her inventive boyfriend saved a poor kitten. She was wondering why her boyfriend, Clint Arlou Entac … Read more

Japanese Man Jailed After Forcing His Pet Cat to Swim in a Bathtub

Japanese Man Arrested for Posting Video Forcing His Pet to Cat to Swim in a Bathtub Police authorities arrested a Japanese man who recorder himself forcing his pet cat to swim in a bathtub allegedly for 1-minute. A 59-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of assaulting his pet cat by forcing it to swim … Read more