Creative Guy Makes Improvised Wheels for Rescued Kitten

Creative Guy Earns Praise for Making Improvised Wheels for Rescued Kitten

The netizens praised the creative guy who makes improvised wheels for a rescued kitten with leg disabilities.

Abuyabor Jay Krystle Nova, a proud girlfriend, recounted on Facebook how her inventive boyfriend saved a poor kitten. She was wondering why her boyfriend, Clint Arlou Entac Acosta, was so busy late at night, according to her post.

Guy Improvised Kitten Wheels

She noticed that he is constructing a better wheelchair for a sad kitty he purportedly rescued. The kitten was reportedly unable to walk due to limb problems.

“Nagtataka ako kung bakit busy siya last night, so pinuntahan ko siya para tignan ko ano ang kina-busyhan niya and then I found out na He’s helping this Poor Little Kitten na hindi na maka-walk dahil merong deperensiya ang kanyang mga paa,” she wrote in her post in bisaya language.

The netizen happily expressed that her partner is a person of quality who transmits nice thoughts and feelings since he loves animals. This is why I ended up falling in love with him.

“Ana silaaa, Someone who loves animals is a person full of quality, who transmits positive emotions and feelings and of which almost always you end up falling in love with,” she said.

Krystle also recommended everyone admire dog/cat owners since these men know how to think about others outside of themselves. After all, they’ve undoubtedly gotten a lot of colds from having to walk their dog in all kinds of bad weather. Consider how thoughtful and considerate he is.

“To everyone, Love someone who loves a dog/cat cause these men know how to think of someone other than themselves. After all, they’ve probably gotten many colds from having to walk their furry friend in all types of horrible weather. Just think of how thoughtful and considerate of you he’ll be!” she encourages.

Meanwhile, Krystle’s Facebook post has gone popular on social media, eliciting several reactions from netizens. The online community also praised and loved his creativity and affection for animals.

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