6-Year-Old Boy Found Safe After Allegedly Kidnapped by Unknown Entity

6-Year-Old Boy

Concerned Residents Rescued 6-Year-Old Boy After Allegedly Kidnapped by Unknown Entity A six-year-old boy was found safe after an almost four-hour search operation in Cebu City, the child was believed to be kidnapped by an unknown entity. Supernatural creatures are entities or beings that exist outside the realm of natural explanation or scientific understanding. They … Read more

Mother Seeks Help After Baby is Allegedly Kidnapped in Ermita, Manila


Mother Seeks Help After Baby is Allegedly Kidnapped in Ermita, Manila Alpha Mercado, a desperate mother sought help after a woman allegedly kidnapped her 7-month-old baby in Ermita, Manila. CCTV footage shared by the Ermita Police Station captured the woman passing through M.H. Del Pilar Street with the baby. Mercado confirmed screenshots from another CCTV … Read more

Police Arrest Man Involved in Hostage Situation in Pasay


The police successfully arrested a man involved in a hostage-taking situation in Pasay City, rescuing the call center agent victim. The suspect had taken a call center agent hostage, feeling ignored when seeking assistance from the police. Fortunately, community members intervened and subdued the suspect, bringing an end to the hostage situation.

Pastora Jailed After She Kidnapped Neighbor’s Son, 7, in Iloilo

Pastora Who Allegedly Kidnapped Neighbor’s 7-year-old Son Arrested in Iloilo Police authorities arrested a pastora after she allegedly kidnapped the 7-year-old son of her neighbor in hide it in an abandoned house in Iloilo. The accused suspect was described as Julie Rose Recalde, 40, of Barangay Luca, Ajuy, Iloilo, and pastora of a Presbyterian church … Read more

6 Senior Police Officials Sacked for Involvement in Kidnapping

PNP Dismissed 6 Senior Police Officials Over Involvement in Kidnapping The Philippine National Police (PNP) dismissed six (6) senior police officials over alleged involvement in the kidnapping. Six senior officers from the PNP Drug Enforcement Group (PDEG) Special Operations Unit (SOU) were demoted after being accused of theft. The names of the six officers have … Read more

Yaya Jailed for Taking 2-month-old Baby While Dating BF in Naga

Yaya who Took a 2-month-old Baby While Dating BF in Naga Arrested Police authorities arrested a babysitter or Yaya after taking a 2-month-old baby while dating her boyfriend in Naga City. According to the story, a nanny faced significant charges after bringing her employer’s 2-month-old infant while meeting her boyfriend in Naga, Southern Cebu. Janen … Read more

POGO Kidnapping Suspects Arrested After Scolded in No-Parking Zone

Kidnapping of POGO Worker Failed After Suspects Parked at No-Parking Zone A kidnapping attempt against a Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGO) worker failed after the suspects were scolded at the no-parking zone. A Chinese man was freed after he was allegedly kidnapped by two other Chinese and two Filipinos. This occurred after the victim requested … Read more

American Man Arrested over “Jeffrey Dahmer” Style Kidnapping

American Man Immitates Jeffrey Dahmer Style of Kidnapping Against a Gay Authorities arrested an American for allegedly kidnapping a gay just like the style of famous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. After kidnapping a gay man he met on a dating app, an American faces 45 years in federal prison. However, this is not your typical … Read more

Woman Wanted for Kidnapping Nabbed after Wearing PNP Uniform

Woman Wearing PNP Uniform Arrested and Discovered Wanted for Kidnapping Authorities arrested a woman for wearing Philippine National Police (PNP) uniform and was discovered to be wanted for kidnapping. A woman was stopped by PNP Batangas after being found wearing a uniform without authorization. It was determined that the 36-year-old lady was wanted in connection … Read more