Male Passenger Presses Jeepney’s Brake While Driver Urinates

Male Passenger

Male Passenger Elicits Reactions Online After Pressing Jeepney’s Brake While Driver Urinates A male passenger elicits reactions from the online community for pressing the jeepney’s brake while the driver is urinating. In the Philippines, jeepneys, often known as jeeps, are the most widely used form of public transportation. They resemble minibuses. Their crowded seating and … Read more

Jeep-Sikel in Laguna Earns Instant Popularity


Jeep-Sikel in Laguna Goes Viral Online The infamous jeep-sikel in Laguna earns instant popularity and receives a huge demand for production after being posted online. The Facebook page 5E Welding shop has shared photos of various types of jeep-sikel earned instant popularity and received massive demand from customers. The post earned various reactions from the … Read more

Honest PWD Driver Returns Lost Wallet He Found Inside His Jeepney

Honest PWD Driver

Honest PWD Driver Earns Praises for Returning Lost Wallet He Found Inside His Jeepney The honest PWD driver earns praises from the online community for returning the lost wallet he found inside his jeepney. Honesty or truthfulness is a facet of moral character that connotes positive and virtuous attributes such as integrity, truthfulness, and straightforwardness, involving … Read more

LTO to Probe ‘Karag-Karag’ Vehicles Allegedly Registered

Karag-Karag Registration

LTO to Probe ‘Karag-Karag’ Vehicles Still Able to Register The Land Transportation Office (LTO) will probe the ‘karag-karag’ or old vehicles that were allegedly able to register despite prohibition. The LTO states that they will look into the registration of vehicles that are either unsafe to drive now or in the past. Teofilo Guadiz III, … Read more

Jeepney Driver Argues w/ Modernized Jeepney Driver Over Passengers

Jeepney Driver

Video of Jeepney Driver Arguing w/ Modernized Jeepney Driver Over Passengers Earns Criticisms Online The video footage of a jeepney driver arguing with a modernized jeepney driver due to passengers elicits reactions online. Over the past decades, jeepney has been one of the most common transport vehicles in the Philippines. A lot of people prefer … Read more

Oil Price Rollback This Week Satisfies The Motorists

Oil price rollback

Oil Price Rollback, Brings Joy to The Motorists This Week Oil Price rollback – Motorists cheered after another oil-price rollback this week. This rollback will be beneficial for the motorist, especially that classes will be open next week. There is a gas station in Pasig City that offers gasoline goods at a low price, drawing … Read more

Passengers Air Dismay After Someone Splashed Water Inside Jeepney During San Juan Festival


Passengers Expressed Dismay After Someone Splashed Water Inside Jeepney The passengers expressed their disappointment after someone splashed water inside a public jeepney during San Juan Festival. Wattah Wattah Festival or Basaan Festival is the feast of St. John the Baptist, patron saint of San Juan, Metro Manila, and of many other communities throughout the Philippines, … Read more

Lady Passenger Earns Criticisms for Insulting PWD Commuter

Lady Passenger

Netizens Slam Lady Passenger for Insulting PWD Commuter Inside Jeepney A lady passenger has earned criticisms from the online community after insulting a PWD commuter inside a jeepney. The TikTok user @thepowerbottom has shared the video footage of a lady passenger lambasting her fellow commuter who is a person with disability (PWD). The video garnered various … Read more

Arrogant Passenger Earns Criticisms From Fellow Commuters

Arrogant Passenger

Video of Arrogant Passenger Receiving Criticisms From Fellow Commuters Goes Viral The video footage of an arrogant passenger receiving negative reactions from its fellow commuters goes viral online. Nowadays, jeepney is one of the most popular public utility vehicles in the Philippines. Most Filipino people prefer to take public jeepneys to reach their point of destination for offering an … Read more

Male Netizen Tries to Buy Lumpia Inside Jeep But Passenger Replied “Order ko ‘to”

Male Netizen

Male Netizen Got Embarrassed After Trying to Buy Lumpia From Fellow Passenger A male netizen got embarrassed after trying to buy ‘lumpia’ inside a public jeepney when the passenger replied “Order ko ‘to”. A Facebook user named “Jonathan Toledo” has shared his embarrassing experience after trying to purchase lumpia or spring rolls from his fellow … Read more