Jeepney Passenger Flexes Drink From Starbucks, Rides Jeep

Jeepney Passenger

Jeepney Passenger Elicits Reactions Online After Flexing His Drink From Starbucks & Jeepney Ride A jeepney passenger has become an online sensation after flexing his Starbucks drink while opting for a public jeepney ride to his destination. Starbucks, a name that resonates with coffee lovers worldwide, has become synonymous with more than just a cup … Read more

Couple Elicits Reactions Online Over Public Display of Affection Inside Jeepney


Couple Who Engaged in Public Display of Affection Inside Jeepney Goes Viral Online A couple goes viral and elicits reactions online over a public display of affection inside a public jeepney. Public transportation is a bustling and vibrant setting where people from different walks of life come together to commute to their destinations. Within the … Read more

Male Netizen Shares Hilarious Jeepney-Ride Experience

Male Netizen

Male Netizen Brings Laughter Online After Sharing his Jeepney-Ride Experience A male netizen goes viral and brings good vibes online after sharing his hilarious jeepney-ride experience. Every once in a while, we encounter unexpected and amusing situations that leave us both puzzled and entertained. Such experiences can often occur during our daily commutes, turning an … Read more

Commuters Play UNO Card Game Inside Jeepney Amid Heavy Traffic


Several Commuters Decide to Play Card Game Inside Jeepney Due to Heavy Traffic in Calamba Several commuters play UNO card game inside of a public jeepney amid heavy traffic congestion in Calamba, Laguna. The Philippines, like many other countries, is grappling with significant traffic problems that have become a pervasive issue in urban areas. Traffic … Read more

Jeepney Driver Bursts Into Tears as Phaseout of Old Jeepneys Approaches

Jeepney Driver

Jeepney Driver Cries as Phaseout of Old Jeepneys Looms A jeepney driver gets emotional and bursts into tears as the phaseout of traditional jeepneys approaches “magugutom yung pamilya”. The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has been taking steps to phase out traditional jeepneys in the Philippines. This move is part of the government’s … Read more

Male Passenger Goes Viral Over “Selfie muna bago ipamigay sa ibang jeep” Post

Male Passenger

Male Passenger Says “Selfie muna bago ipamigay sa ibang jeep” After Left Alone Inside Jeepney A male passenger goes viral after posting photo of himself riding a jeepney: “Selfie muna bago ipamigay sa ibang jeep”. Over the past few decades, the jeepney has been one of the most popular public transport vehicles in the Philippines. Jeepney has … Read more