DOH Advises Cyclists & Pedestrians to Watch Out for Heatstroke This Dry Season


Health Department Advises Cyclists & Pedestrians to Take Precautionary Measures to Prevent Heatstroke This Dry Season The Department of Health (DOH) advised the cyclists and pedestrians to watch out for heatstroke during this dry season. DOH Director IV Dr. Beverly Ho advised the public to take precautionary measures during this summer season to protect themselves … Read more

Frontliner Who Died Due to Heatstroke Amid Duty, Hailed as Hero

Frontliner Considered as Hero After He Died Amid Duty Due to Heatstroke CAINTA – A frontliner who died due to heatstroke while doing his duty amid the scorching heat of the sun in Cainta, Rizal considered as a hero. A frontliner in Cainta, Rizal identified as Arvic Macarilay, 38, died due to severe heat of … Read more

Summer Diseases Prevention Advised By DOH

DOH Warns Holy Week Activities’ Participants Against Summer Diseases SUMMER DISEASES – The Department of Health advises the public to be aware of summer diseases that may be prevalent this coming Holy Week. In the past few months, the Department of Health released several announcements warning the public against diseases that may come with summer … Read more

Penitence Performers During Holy Week Might Catch Infections – DOH

The Department Of Health Warns People Attempting To Perform Extreme Penitence PENITENCE PERFORMERS – The Department Of Health advises the public to be careful of doing acts of penitence during the Holy Week as it might cause heatstroke, infection and/or tetanus. The heat recently has been a major concern of many Filipinos. DOH has released … Read more

DOH Warns Public Against Heatstroke In These Hot, Humid Times

DOH warns public

DOH Cautions Public Against Heatstroke in These Heat Season DOH – The Department of Health warned the public against heatstroke in these hot and humid season. The heat season is here so the DOH advised all the Filipino people to be vigilant of the signs of heat exhaustion. This could cause from minor to a … Read more

Dr. Joyce Hidalgo Reveals What To Do When Heatstroke Strikes

Doctor Joyce Hidalgo

Doctor Joyce Hidalgo expressed some advices on how to deal with heatstroke. Doctor Joyce Hidalgo shared the important things that should be done by the people when heatstroke strikes. Along with the summer season that is fast approaching in certain countries including the Philippines are threats of several health concerns that people should be prepared … Read more