72-Year-Old Grandpa Graduates From Senior High School

72-Year-Old Grandpa

72-Year-Old Grandpa in Aklan Proves Age Is Just a Number SENIOR CITIZEN – A 72-year-old grandpa in Batan, Aklan proves that age in just a number after completing his Senior High School. Nicolas “Rody” Sucgang has proven that age is just a number by marching on stage to receive his Senior High School diploma. His … Read more

Grandpa Goes Viral for Handing P50 Bill to Granddaughter for Being Top Student in Class


Grandfather Rewards Granddaughter’s Academic Achievement A grandpa goes viral online after handing a P50 bill to his beloved granddaughter for being a top student in her class. Grandparents, known as grandmother and grandfather, are the parents of a person’s father or mother. They usually help to raise, care and nurture their grandchildren to become a … Read more

Bayawak Intrudes into Sleeping Grandpa’s Room in Thailand


Sleeping Grandpa and Daughter Were Shocked After Bayawak Invade Their Home BAYAWAK – A sleeping grandpa and his daughter were awoken when an Asian water monitor lizard, invaded their room. The shocking incident was captured on video, showing the bayawak sneaking into the room and gradually approaching the elderly man, who was sound asleep at … Read more

84-Year-Old Man Impresses Netizens w/ His Musical Talent

84-Year-Old Man

Netizens Praise 84-Year-Old Man w/ His Musical Talent Using Natural Materials An 84-year-old man has become an online sensation, impressing netizens with his remarkable musical talent, showcased through instruments crafted from natural materials. Quirino Gayo, the elderly grandpa, has captured the hearts of many with his extraordinary musical abilities, thanks to a video shared by … Read more

Grandpa Arrested After Harassing 3-year-old “Apo” in Batangas

Grandpa Allegedly Harassing Own 3-year-old Girl “Apo” Arrested in Batangas Police authorities arrested a grandpa for allegedly harassing his own 3-year-old girl “apo” or granddaughter in Batangas. Sto. Police in Tomas, Batangas, apprehended an older man three times for engaging in indecent behavior with his own granddaughter, a three-year-old girl. Detained at Sto. The 42-year-old … Read more

Grandpa Eating Inasal & Unli Rice Goes Viral “Minsan lang makakain sa ganitong lugar”


Grandpa Touches Hearts of Netizens Over Heartwarming Video While Eating Chicken Inasal & Unli Rice An elderly grandpa eating chicken inasal and unli rice at fast-food restaurant touches the hearts of netizens. Many people in this generation are working hard to make ends meet and may even participate in several types of livelihood in order … Read more

102-Year-Old Grandpa Hailed as Grand Champion at 100-Meter Run


102-Year-Old Grandpa Wins Gold Medal at 100-Meter Run A 102-year-old grandpa has been hailed as the grand champion of 100-meter run in Thailand Master Athletes Championship. A centenarian grandpa Sawang Janpram joined the 100-meter run at Thailand Master Athletes Championship. He joined various competition various competitions such as sprint, long jumps, discus and javelin throw. … Read more

Young Man & Grandpa Died of Electrocution After Rescuing Lady Relative


Young Man and Grandpa Died of Electrocution After Rescuing Woman Electrocuted by Extension Wire A young man and grandpa both died of electrocution after rescuing their female relative who was electrocuted by an extension wire. Throughout the years, numerous individuals have died of electrocution in different circumstances. Some people got electrocuted while doing construction jobs while some … Read more

69-Year-Old Grandpa Suffers Wound After Bitten by Snake While Sleeping


69-Year-Old Grandpa Gets Bitten by Snake While Sleeping in Jaro, Iloilo A 69-year-old grandpa has suffered wounds after he was bitten by a snake while sleeping inside his room in Jaro, Iloilo City. Numerous sightings of snakes and other wild creatures have been recorded in the Philippines throughout the previous decades. Those reptiles contain venom that could … Read more

Grandpa Beaten to Death After Caught Banging The Wife of Suspect

Grandpa Caught by the Suspect Banging His Wife Beaten to Death in Ilocos Sur 69-year-old grandpa dies after being beaten to death after he was allegedly caught banging the suspect’s wife in Ilocos Sur. An old man, 69, died after being struck and stabbed in the face and head with a stick in Barangay Matallucod, … Read more