Bayawak Intrudes into Sleeping Grandpa’s Room in Thailand

Sleeping Grandpa and Daughter Were Shocked After Bayawak Invade Their Home

BAYAWAK – A sleeping grandpa and his daughter were awoken when an Asian water monitor lizard, invaded their room.

The shocking incident was captured on video, showing the bayawak sneaking into the room and gradually approaching the elderly man, who was sound asleep at the time. Shivers ran down their spines as they saw the reptile just inches away from him.

Fortunately, the elderly man’s daughter, who was also present in the room, noticed the uninvited guest. Reacting quickly, she mustered the courage to kick the bayawak away from her father and herself.


The reptile made a hasty retreat, allowing both the grandpa and his daughter to breathe a sigh of relief.

Asian water monitor lizards, scientifically known as Varanus salvator, are formidable reptiles native to various parts of Asia, including Thailand. These creatures are known for their diverse diet, which includes fish, snakes, frogs, and even leftovers from human meals.

In the wild, bayawaks are known for their predatory instincts and hunting skills. They are opportunistic feeders who will search for food when necessary. This versatility is what allows them to infiltrate human environments in search of food.

The monitor lizard’s intrusion can be attributed to its search for food, as it might have been drawn by the scent of food or other potential prey. Bayawaks can become aggressive when they feel threatened and are known for their sharp, potentially toxic bite.

Fortunately, no one was hurt in this unusual incident. The daughter’s quick thinking and decisive action saved her father from a potentially dangerous encounter.

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This incident has garnered various on social media, with netizens both amazed and concerned about wildlife invading human places.

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