Generous Teacher Uses Own Money to Buy Foods for Poor Students

Generous Teacher

Generous Teacher Buys Foods for Less-Fortunate Students Using Her Own Money A generous teacher used her own money to buy foods for her poor students whose parents have lost their jobs. Millions of people in various regions all around the world are struggling due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The disease does not … Read more

Kind-Hearted Nurse Gives Foods to Homeless People After Her Duty

Kind-Hearted Nurse

Kind-Hearted Nurse Gives Foods to Homeless People After Her Duty A kind-hearted nurse showed generosity after giving food to homeless people along the streets after her work at the hospital. The coronavirus disease has been one of the most discussed topics online as it continues to spread in different countries all around the world. The … Read more

“Bawal Magbalot” Sign at Birthday Party Goes Viral Online

“Bawal Magbalot”

“Bawal Magbalot” Sign Elicits Comments Online BIRTHDAY PARTY – “Bawal Magbalot” sign at a birthday party goes viral and garnered various reactions from the online community. Many Filipino people love to attend birthday parties, wedding celebrations, and other special events or occasions serving delicious foods. Most party visitors are eating food as much as they … Read more

Foods To Eat If You Have Anemia (Health And Wellness)

Here Are Some Foods You Could Eat If You Have Anemia FOODS – Some health conditions’ negative effects to the body can be alleviated by certain foods, conditions such as: ‘Anemia.’ Anemia is a condition where an individual lacks the adequate amount of healthy red blood cells to carry oxygenated blood throughout the body’s tissues. … Read more

PINOY FOOD: Check Out These Must-Eat Filipino Street Foods

Going around the Philippines will never be complete without the Filipino street foods or Pinoy food. PINOY FOOD – Yes! Not just because you get hungry along the way of your travel but because you can’t feel being at home in the Philippines if you haven’t tried eating the food Filipinos made and love to … Read more

Top Healthy Foods For Pregnant Women

Pregnant Women

Healthy Foods For Pregnant Women Pregnant women obviously need additional nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for their baby. Here are the top healthy foods for pregnant. Pregnancy is one of the most sensitive conditions of a woman, which requires extra care in movement, foods, and other activities that may affect the baby’s health. A pregnant woman … Read more

List Of Vegetables Healthier When Cooked Than Raw


Types Of Vegetables Which Are Healthier To Be Consume Cooked Rather Than Raw Vegetables were the healthiest type of foods around the world, but there are vegetables that are healthier to eat when cooked rather than raw. The argument regarding, which is healthier cooked or raw vegetables has been a question for every one of … Read more