Generous Teacher Uses Own Money to Buy Foods for Poor Students

Generous Teacher Buys Foods for Less-Fortunate Students Using Her Own Money

A generous teacher used her own money to buy foods for her poor students whose parents have lost their jobs.

Millions of people in various regions all around the world are struggling due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The disease does not only affect the public’s health but also causes severe impact to the global economy.

Many business establishment experienced bankruptcy causing employers to reduce manpower. A lot of people lost their jobs due to the effect of the pandemic to the global economy leading millions of people to go hungry.

Generous Teacher

Recently, a Facebook user named Maisarah Hannan has shared the photos of herself together with her colleagues distributing foods and relief packs to her struggling students. The teacher earned praises and admiration from the netizens.

The 35-year-old teacher from St Cecilia’s Convent Secondary School in Sandakan, Malaysia spent her own money to buy foods and groceries and give it to her less-fortunate students.

Generous Teacher Generous Teacher Generous Teacher

Some students come from underprivileged families and their parents have either been laid off or can’t find jobs during this Covid-19 pandemic. My colleagues and I went down to the villages to distribute basic necessities to the students’ houses. I have kept up with this effort because I know many of them are affected by this pandemic, especially with the high amount of cases recorded in Sabah at this time,Hannan said.

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Generous Teacher

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