Rendon Labador Reacts to Delivery Rider Claiming Foodpanda Tip is a “Scam”

Rendon Labador

Rendon Labador Investigates Claim That Foodpanda Tip is a “Scam” Rendon Labador, a self-proclaimed motivational speaker, has reacted to the allegation made by a Foodpanda delivery rider regarding the legitimacy of the platform’s tip system. A Foodpanda rider named Jayzee Herrera took to social media to voice concerns about the online tips received by fellow … Read more

Customer Slams Delivery Rider After “Kumurot ng Chicken Skin”

Customer Airs Dismay to Food Delivery Rider After “Kumurot” in Her Chicken Skin” A disappointed customer slammed a food delivery rider after he allegedly “kumurot” in the skin part of her chicken. A disgruntled Facebook user detailed an unpleasant encounter with a supposed food delivery rider. Kathleen Magat, a netizen, was dissatisfied after the rider … Read more

Donnie Nietes As Food Delivery Guy Goes Viral

Donnie Nietes

Netizens have these comments about photos of Donnie Nietes as a delivery guy. DONNIE NIETES – Boxing Champion Donie “Ahas” Nietes is now a delivery guy for a famous online platform and netizens have these reactions. Longest-reigning Filipino boxing world champion, as declared by boxing magazines and aficionados, Donnie “Ahas” Nietes now works as a … Read more

LTO to Open Express Lane Exclusive for Motorcycle Delivery Riders

LTO to Open “Juan Stop, Juan Go” Express Lane for Motorcycle Delivery Riders The Land Transportation Office (LTO) will implement “Juan Stop, Juan Go” project aiming to give express lane exclusive for motorcycle delivery riders. The LTO has reached an agreement with Grab and Food Panda, two motorcycle courier companies, to officially launch the “Juan … Read more

Food Panda Delivery Rider Arrested After Caught with Illegal Drugs

Food Panda Delivery Rider Arrested While on His Way to Deliver Illegal Drugs Police authorities arrested a Food Panda Delivery rider after he was caught with illegal drugs while he was on his way to deliver to his customer. The suspect has been identified as Eduardo De Los Santos, a 48-year-old embalmer, according to anti-narcotics … Read more

Food Delivery Rider Father Carrying Baby Amid Duty Elicit Reactions

Food Delivery Rider Father Earned Praise Online for Carrying Baby While Working The online community was moved by the food delivery rider father after he was spotted carrying his baby amid his work delivering foods. Jeremiel Flores Quinto, a concerned Facebook user, posted photos of a delivery rider from the popular food delivery app Food … Read more

Delivery Workers Slams Fast-Food Chain “Laging 30 mins up kung maglabas ng order”

Delivery Workers

Delivery Workers Expressed Dismay Towards Popular Fast-Food Chain For Making Them Wait For Too Long to Get Orders Several delivery workers have expressed their disappointment towards a popular fast-food chain “Laging 30 mins up kung maglabas ng order”. A Facebook user named ChaRlie Camilon Boco has shared the photos of his fellow Food Panda riders … Read more